Agency/Owner system

Agency/Owner system

Agency system allows your partners to create, manage and cancel reservations for special prices. Your partner companies can log in to the system at www.agency.previo.cz.

Owner system is very similar and can be used for example for owners of the certain apartments in the building.

Agency/Owner system is not part of PRO/LITE licence. It is a stand alone product. Our sales consultants can provide you with more information.

Create access for partners

First create a new user role in Settings/Users/Role where you activate the access to agency system. You do not have to set any other permissions for this role, they are not neccessary.

Second create a new user for your partner company in Settings/Users/List of users. Assign previously created user role and select e-mail and password which will be used for logging in to agency system.

Third create a new company in Guests/Companies module (or adjust some existing one) and switch to Rate plan tab. Here you can set rate plan for certain company or set discount in percent.

Last switch to Agency system tab and allow access to agency system for this company. Select previously created user for certain company (each company has to have its own separate user account).

If we are creating access for the owner, select partner category Owner in “Company” settings. For owners you can set access to specific rooms and furthermore you can set:

  • Which rooms (information) will be visible (and bookable) for the owner
  • Number of free of charge nights in the rooms

After log in

Agency system allows your partner company to check their reservations, pricelist and occupancy of your accommodation. They can also create new reservations and cancel them.

Each reservation created in agency system will contain all the information about the company which are already prefilled in your company database. Resevations will be also marked with the name of the company in your reservation calendar.

Owner will see only rooms that were assigned to him. These rooms can be booked and Occupancy rate and Reservations list will contain only information about these reservations.