Assigning deposits

Assigning deposits

The process for linking deposits should ideally take place in the following manner, which we discuss in greater detail.

  1. The client is issued (manually/automatically) and sent a call for deposit, according to which he/she has a specific time frame for paying the deposit in order for the stay to be confirmed.
  2. The client pays the deposit and your account is credited. At this moment, you should issue a DPZ for the given income; the document will be based on information from the call for deposit.
  3. The client arrives at the hotel and wants to pay the balance. He/she is issued an invoice, which shows the prepaid deposit with respect to the DPZ.

In the room account open the edit function of the issued proforma invoice (pencil icon), where you will find the Issue ADV button in the lower section (issue on the basis of the edited proforma invoice). The document creation window will open regarding the credited deposit, which will include the same information as the call for deposit sent to the client. All that is left is to save this document including the payment.

The client then arrives at the hotel and wants to pay rest of the balance by cash / payment card.

  • Create an invoice/receipt in the client’s booking. If there is some advance payment document in the reservation you will be asked if you want to pair this advance to newly issued document (2).
  • If you want to assign deposit to a document which is created without a link to reservation you need to click on the “Advances” tab in the upper section of the document creation. Just click on “assign document” option (1) and select the document you want to pair to the created invoice (2).

After saving the invoice/receipt with the paired deposit including payment, the booking then includes the amount that is left to be paid after subtracting the paired deposit. The invoice states that there was a deposit of e.g. CZK 300 paid, and that e.g. CZK 420 is the balance to be settled.

This is how it all looks in the actual booking:

The total price of the given stay is CZK 720. A proforma invoice is issued (document no. 20180353) as an advance prepayment in the amount of CZK 300. Document no. 20180173 is issued for the purpose of receiving the deposit (payment no. 0809) in the same amount, which is based on the proforma invoice. The client is then issued an invoice (document no. FV201810590), which includes the paid deposit; the document is assigned the balance of CZK 420 to be settled (payment no. 0810).