Basic, special and non refundable prices

Basic, special and non refundable prices

The following figure shows the simple setting of daily (regular) prices: white frames, and their changing to special discount prices: pink frames; this can apply to certain days and certain rooms. On the partner website, the discount price is highlighted by showing the regular daily price crossed-out.

Another adjustable price is the non-refundable rate. A non-refundable price is a (usually lower) price to be paid by the guest when ordering in advance, whereby he is not entitled to any refund if canceling or changing the reservation. This is an equivalent to airline tickets from low cost airlines without a cancellation policy.

The non-refundable price can be calculated by a percentage deduction from the regular price, or it can be manually entered in the table in the last (yellow) column.

An online booking at a non-refundable price (both, on the accommodation provider website or PrevioPartners) takes place in a special mode under the following conditions:

  • For completing the booking, the client is only offered the option of full payment online (payment gateway).
  • Alternatively, a “credit card guarantee” option is also offered, but the verification of the credit card and the debiting of the amount for the stay is then the responsibility of the accommodation provider, and not Previo or the PrevioPartner.
  • The client receives modified business terms, which provide details about the non-refundable cancellation fee.