Booking engine

Booking engine

In this section you can activate online checkin for your guests and in second tab (Conversions) you can insert your conversion codes for Google AdWords, Google Analytics or Sklik which will automatically work with your Reservation+ IBE.

Online check-in

To enable online check-in, go to the menu Settings / Online Reservation / Booking Engine. There are two options to choose from. The first one is to enable online check-in, and the second one is to enable booking cancellation by the guest. After enabling one or both options, your Resevation+ window will slightly change; In the top bar, the My Reservation tab appears.

Once clicked, the client jumps to “sign-in”, where they fill in the number of their booking and their email address, which was stated in the booking. Upon logging in, the client can see basic information concerning his booking and he can also do an online check-in to speed up the accommodation process upon arrival at the hotel.

For all guests on the booking he can directly fill in all necessary information that is usually filled in during the check-in at the hotel reception, i.e. name, nationality, identity document etc. After saving, this information is also transferred to the booking in Previo.

The second option is to cancel the booking. The client is first shown the business terms of the hotel (if they are entered in Settings/Online Reservation/Terms and conditions) and afterwards he can confirm the cancellation of the booking.

Once canceled, the status of the booking is changed to “canceled” and it disappears from the Reservation calendar but can still be found in the Reservation list. At the same time, the client receives an email with the cancellation confirmation.

The online check-in option does not just apply to bookings created via R+. A client can sign into booking management from any booking created in the Reservation calendar. He only needs to know the number of his booking and the email that is assigned to the booking. Thus, you can send e.g. email requests to clients to fill in their details still from the comfort of their home, to facilitate and accelerate the accommodation process.

If you want to create a tab or section for online check-in (without pricing, reviews etc.) on your website, you can follow our instructions in the Reservation+ manual. Likewise, if you would like to display only the pricelist, you need to add the showTabs=checkin parameter to the form’s source code. The result should finally look like this:

<!-- Reservation PLUS start -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://booking.previo.cz/iframe/"></script>
<iframe src="https://booking.previo.cz/?hotId=123456&showTabs=checkin" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="727" height="2000" name="previo-booking-iframe" id="previo-booking-iframe" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>
<!-- Reservation PLUS end -->

For the online check-in request, we have a Czech template directly in the mailing module. The English templates can be found at the following link.


Simply enter your codes and booking engine conversions will be tracked automatically.