The cashbook can be locked at any given time by using the Close cashbook function. All cash transactions up until the cashbook closing will be included in the closure (unless they have been included in the previous closing of accounts). The closure is recorded (saved) and an acceptance protocol can be printed. It is, therefore, the ideal tool when handing over individual shifts at the reception desk.

Cascade locks work in the following way:

  • Payments that are locked by the closing of the cash desk account can no longer be deleted in Previo.
  • Documents with a linked payment, which is locked by the closure of the cash desk account cannot be deleted or edited. (This also applies for partially paid documents).

1) Transferee – the person who is accepting the handover must be selected in account closing (typically a receptionist coming in for the next shift). The transferor is automatically set to the user closing the account.

2) Cash – Actual – The accounting balance of the cash desk in Previo does not have to match the bills in the cash desk at the reception desk exactly. The balance can differ due to a mistake made by the receptionist or by accepting gratuities. The difference can be recorded in the acceptance protocol.

The acceptance protocol also includes all the movement of stocked units, which took place from the last account closing.