Connection example

Connection examples

### Connection to restaurant software

Bellow we will show the most common use of the API which is the connection between Previo and third party restaurant software.

Technically you will use two basic XML POST requests:

Basic API information can be found here:

General communication starts with calling request searchReservations with term parameter, where you set from. Date to set to tomorrow. If you want to receive only reservations in status “checked-in” you need to set element cosId set to 3 (checked-in status). The output will be list of all ongoing reservations. Please note, that this might return reservations that end today and at the same time reservations that start today as well. You need to distinguish between them by the time of arrival / departure or reservation status.to todays date. In return you will get a list of accommodated guets.

Then guest in restaurant will identify his reservation by name (element guest -> first_name + last_name) or by room number (element object -> name). Restaurant staff will select the correct reservation and send all the items from restaurant software to room account in Previo. It is also available to assign restaurant items to specific guest in reservation (optional).

Then you will use the second function addAccountItem with parameter comId (unique number of reservation received from response of previous call of searchReservations). If the guest was also selected you should also send his identification in gueId parameter. Result of this request will be newly added item/s to selected room account.

addAccountItem also allows you to select a segment using the element segId (3- gastro, 1 – bar, 12 – restaurant). Full list of segments is available here.

Most of the restaurant systems give you the option to transfer the bill separately or alltogether in one item:

  • Restaurant bill (25.6.2015 15:45) – 1pcs – 15% VAT – 200 CZK

OR including the bill number:

  • Restaurant bill – 13456789 (25.6.2015 15:45) – 1pcs – 15% VAT – 200 CZK

Or by items:

  • Bernard beer – 2pcs – 10% VAT – 70 CZK
  • Chicken with salad – 1pcs – 10% VAT – 150 CZK

statuses parameter can be changed if you would like to add items to room accounts which are not only in the checked-in status. List of available statuses are listed here:.

Example of searchReservations and addAccountItem requests can be found in the API manual (links above).

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