Connection set-up

Connection set-up

First sign in to Booking.com extranet. Channel manager setting can be found in top right part in Accounts (person icon). If you do not have channel manager section, please contact your local Booking.com representative and ask him for XML connector setting.

Select Channel manager and use following information:

  • Channel manager: YieldPlanet
  • Select features to integrate with the channel manager: only Reservations and Rates and availability (not Content and photos!)

Then do not forget to agree with terms and conditions and the connection is prepared from your side. Now it is our turn.

From this point on you will not receive any emails regarding reservations from Booking.com. After we will finalize and activate the connection with our system you will start receiving email about new reservations / changes / cancellations from us and not from B.com.

Request is valid only for 5 days. If the connection is not set properly, request will be cancelled. But you can still request the change again 🙂

When the connection is ready we can download rooms and rates from Booking and start with mapping (connecting). After everything is done, we need to confirm XML once again and then you to confirm it again for the last time (we will call you when this will be required).

Finally the connection is set live and we will ask you to check if the prices and availability are being send correctly.

If you are having some issues with establishing XML connection contact us at support@previo.cz. We would gladly help you.