Conversions in Reservation+

Conversions in Reservation+

Previo can help you track conversions and send the information about them to various systems. Conversion is always send after the reservation is finished.

Google Analytics

Conversions from e-shop in Google analytics are measured automatically. What you need to set first?

  • Your websites must contain GA tracking code which is automatically generated by Google after you set up account in GA administration. Code has to be inserted directly into your website (not through GTM).
  • Go to Settings -> Online reservation -> General -> tab Conversions and insert your GA tracking code and allow tracking by GA.

Conversion will be send to GA e-shop including price and name. Name contains hotel (profile) name, room name, etc. Stay package name is also included.

Reservation price will be automatically recalculated to default hotel currency regardless of the currency in which it was created. It is vital to have your GA account set in the same currency as default in your Previo profile.

Google Ads

Adwords tracking is very similar. You do not have to insert any code into your websites.

Go to Settings -> Online reservation -> General -> tab Conversions and insert your Conversion ID and Conversion Label in Google Adwords section and allow tracking.

Conversion ID and Conversion Label can be found in generated conversion tracking code from Google Ads.

Google Ads will show you code in the Event snippet which might look like this:

<!-- Event snippet for Rezervace conversion page -->
  gtag('event', 'conversion', {
      'send_to': 'AW-871230293/VWI7CGZUv2gQ5ZrcogM',
      'value': 111.0,
      'currency': 'CZK',
      'transaction_id': ''

Conversion ID is in our case: AW-871230293 and Conversion Label is: VWI7CGZUv2gQ5ZrcogM.

Facebook Pixel

You need to have general Facebook pixel tracking code inserted in your websites. Reservation+ will recognize the code and automatically send conversions including price and currency to FP.

Seznam Sklik

Go to Settings -> Online reservation -> General -> tab Conversions and insert your Sklik Conversion ID and allow Sklik tracking.

Then conversions will be automatically send to Seznam Sklik.

Own tracking

You can adjust tracking according to your needs. You can for example send event to Google Analytics everytime someone finishes/passes another step in booking process.

There is almost unlimited scale of tracking. For this detailed tracking you should have at least some basic knowledge of webdesign.

There are 2 possible ways of own tracking:

1. Using url GET parameter redirectUrl

You have to add iframe parameter &redirectUrl=https://www.mywebsites.cz/thankyou-page into src parameter.

This parameter will redirect customer to selected page (in redirectUrl parameter) after finishing the reservation. Url can also contain parameters like reservationPrice etc which can be used for your own tracking.

Tracking data can be then obtained using JavaScript or PHP from URL and you can use them for further analysis.

2. Using JS function reservationPlusStepEvent

This option is smarter because it allows ou to track how clients pass through single steps in reservation process. After last step (finishing of booking) you will also get information about price etc.

Simply insert such function in your website and it will be triggered everytime some step of reservation process will be finished by customer. Perfect for tracking conversions / events into any tracking system.

How to do it:
Insert similar code into your websites:

 * @param JSON reservationInfo
function reservationPlusStepEvent(reservationInfo) {    
      values = JSON.parse(reservationInfo);
      // currentStep
            let currentStep = values.step;
            // If customer is in fifth (last) step,
            // log reservation data in console
      if(values.step == 5) {
           // here you can trigger any code for example for event tracking

Following events can be tracked in specific booking step which is mentioned in brackets for specific events:

  • hotName: string (3.-5. step)
  • hotId: number (3.-5. step)
  • customer: ReservationCustomer (5. step)
  • hotTown: string (3.-5. step)
  • voucher: string | null (5. step)
  • from: string | null (2.-5. step)
  • to: string | null (2.-5. step)
  • arrivalTime: string (3.-5. step)
  • prpId: number (1.-5. step)
  • prlId: number | null (1.-5. step)
  • totalPrice: number | null (3.-5. step)
  • totalPriceInHotelDefaultCurrency: number | null (3.-5. step)
  • isStayReservation: boolean (1.-5. step)
  • stayName: string | null (4. – 5. step)
  • discountCoupon: null | DiscountCoupon (1.-5. step)
  • paymentMethod: PaymentMethod (5. step)
  • commissions: Array<ReservationCommission> (3.-5. step)
  • currentStep: number (1.-5. step)
  • curId: number (1.-5. step)
  • curCode: string (1.-5. step)
  • numOfGuests: number (1.-5. step)
  • numOfCommissions: number (1.-5. step)
  • isUnknownOccupancy: boolean (1.-5. step)
  • unassignedCommissionWithOtherExists: boolean (1.-5. step)

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