Establishing connection

Establishing connection

Before start

Please check if you have already set all neccesary information before we start with connection process. Some settings in Airbnb extranet cannot be changed after the connection goes live!

First we will need your login details and we will log into your Airbnb account and establish connection for you.

Important information is that you cannot connect Airbnb by yourself. Mutual cooperation is needed from both your and our side.

Getting ready

After this first step is done we will inform you that until you receive so called „activation email“ from us, you need to manage your prices and occupancy manually in the Airbnb extranet. Connection is NOT active at this point! We still need to finish it and synchronize all occupancy and price data from Previo to your AirbnB profile.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should already have currencies, price and availability section and price calculation method set in the Airbnb extranet.

If you have all of this ready we can start with connection process.

First we download list of your rooms from Airbnb and we connect (or pair) them with rooms in your Previo profile. You can really help us with this part, if you provide us with detailed connection list with room identification.

Please send us a similar connection list (use room names or room id numbers):

Apartment Deluxe (Airbnb name) -> Large Apartment (Previo name)
Small studio (Airbnb name) -> Double room (Previo name)

You should also inform us about the price calculation method you have selected. There are two possible options:

If you sell your rooms for one price no matter how many guests are staying we will use room based pricing. Only thing you need to tell us is which price should we send from Previo (for example in 4+1 apartment – should we send price for 5 people or just price for all the main beds so price for 4 people etc?).

In case you want to use occupancy based pricing its also possible but you need to change your Airbnb settings for each room and set surcharges for additional guests in the rooms. Then you again have to tell us which price (for how many people) we should send to Airbnb (for example 4+0 room – should we send the price for 1 person and price for 2,3 or 4 will be calculated from automatic Airbnb surchages or should we send the price for 2 people in the room and only price for 3 or 4 guests will be calculated automatically?).

Currency setting is also important – make sure that all your rooms in AirBnb extranet are set to the same currency.

Inform us please about the selected currency – we will need it for correct price transfer.

During room connection we DO NOT sync prices and availability – you still have to manage prices and availability manually in the Airbnb extranet as we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Connection activation

Connection is now ready to be activated. We will contact you and we will agree on the time of activation.

Then we send all prices and availability data from Previo to Airbnb. During the synchronisation we need to turn off sale of your rooms on Airbnb.

After this you should check if the transfered information (prices and availability) are correct and we can place all rooms back to sale (reactivate them).

If everything is alright, confirm it by email. In case there are some flaws, incorrect prices or availability data – you should also immediately inform us and we will make a correction.

When this final phase is done we reactivate the rooms and we send you the final activation email with further instructions and information about connection.

From this point on you manage prices, occupancy and min.stay directly from Previo. Any changes made in Airbnb extranet will be always rewritten with up to date information from Previo.

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