"Book now" button for your Facebook profile

“Book now” button for your Facebook site

Facebook often changes its interface and functions therefore the content of this article might not be 100% correct by the time you are reading it. On this day (16th of July 2021) you are not able to use button “Book now” together with link for your own website as described in the text bellow.

You can use some other options like “Start order” which sounds more like order of food, but it can get the job (getting visitors to your booking site) done.

You can add “Book now” button very easily into your facebook company site and we have prepared a bulletproof manual for you.

Log into Facebook with personal profile which has permissions for administration of your accommodation profile.

You will see a blue button (with “Send message” default text) on the right side right under your cover photo. If you hoover your mouse over it, you will see a submenu with edit option.

In the next step select “Book with you” and direct reservation option (“Book now”).

Move on to last step where you need to fill in direct link to your accommodation website. We strongly recommend to use link for reservation subsection of your website. Guests would not have to wander through your websites in search for your booking engine.

One final check, one confirmation and we are done.

Main advantage of “Book now” button is the fact, that every visitor of your profile will still have it in sight.

Upper part of your profile with “Like” and “Search” functions and mainly with your “Book now” button is sticky and every visitor will still see it even when they scroll deep down to your feed.

Link can be also tested by using “Test button” function.

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