Everything that is being displayed in the main table of the pricelist can be filtered. On the far right over the table is the “More” button, which displays all the table items that you have ticked.

Rate Plan

In 99% of cases, you will use the Basic (default) rate plan. The rate plan is a set of all kinds of rate settings, meals, guarantees etc. All PrevioPartners, as well as your own booking engine (if it’s linked with Previo on your website), are using the General rate plan.

In the General rate plan you can also set daily prices, including special discount prices. There is no need to create a different rate plan! Only if you have your own partners (companies) for which you need to create a special pricelist, then you will create a new rate plan.

View: “by days” / “by seasons”

Choose what suits you best.

Displayed parameters

  • Tick the parameters that you want to change. The appropriate editing fields appear in the table —this is solely a display filter. For example, if you display the days of arrival and departure, and then you set them for several years in the future, and then you hide them again, they will of course remain set.
  • Currencies that can be displayed and set are controlled by the button “Currencies and billing methods” (see above). If you enter the price only in CZK (i.e. in your default currency) and you tick other currencies for which you don’t fill in the price, a conversion using the chosen exchange rate (Czech National Bank or your custom rate) is applied.
  • The amount of the non-refundable price only appears if you have set-up that the non-refundable price is entered as an absolute value in the pricelist and you don’t use percentage deductions.
  • The setting of these filters remains set on your computer. To use the filter, press the “Search” button. All the filtered (= displayed) items can easily be set up in the main table. In the columns you see the days or seasons and in the rows the room types, as long as the setting refers to the room type.