Floating reservations

Floating reservations

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What are floating reservations?

There are few different names for this type of reservations. You also may know them as floating or unassigned reservations.

As the name suggests, floating reservations are not assigned to particular room. They are not yet assigned, but they exist and they block the capacity for further reservations of this room type. Therefore we call them floating, while they float and wait for being assigned to particular room.

Process of rooming (assigning of rooms) is mostly done one or two days prior arrival in bigger hotel chains. Reason for it is simple, freedom and flexibility when dealing with rooms and their occupancy.

How to activate floating reservations?

If you find floating reservations interresting you can try them on your hotel.

Go to Settings / System and and as the first setting select the second option “reservations are not assigned to particular rooms”. This means that all new reservations – online and manually created – will be created as floating/unassigned.

Even with this setting you still can create already assigned reservation and vice versa with creating assigned reservations as default option you can also create floating reservations.

So its not strict setting one thing or the other. Both floating and not floating reservations can be mixed together in both cases.

How do floating reservations work?

  • If you receive any reservation from online source (Reservation+, Hotel.cz, Booking,com, Slevomat, atp.) it will not be placed to reservation calendar but listed in floating reservations.
  • All your floating reservations are displayed:
    • In floating reservations calendar
    • In side dashboard where you have the first section from the top called Floating reservations.
    • In reservations list when you filter by floating reservations.
  • Floating reservations have only room type selected and number of booked rooms. Particular room is not selected yet. Meaning you can have floating reservation for 4x Triple room but it is not said yet which 4 of my 5 Triple rooms will be used for this reservation.
  • Floating reservations decrease the availability of booked room type. Let´s continue with previous example. 4 from my 5 Triple rooms are occupied with floating reservation, that means that for the online reservation I will still have only one available Triple room for sale.
  • All online reservations no matter if they are floating or not are still confirmed + have the same conditions as if they were not floating. It is just an internal division in our PMS. So rather do not leave any floating reservations behind….

How to assign floating reservation?

Assigning = placing reservation to particular room (from the floating “status”). Again you have several options how to do it:

1) From floating reservations calendar – right mouse button click on reservation and select Assign room option.

2) From calendar dashboard section – reservation can be drag and dropped into the reservation calendar. Suitable date and prefered (booked) rooms will be highlighted.

3) From floating reservation detail – also possible to get there from 1st and 2nd point here in the list. Doubleclick the reservation or find it in reservation list and open it. Then just click on the green key icon at the end of each row in floating reservations section.

How to assign reservations to particular rooms?

When assigning you will see all rooms available for your floating reservation on selected date.

You will get the list of all rooms which match the number of guests in your floating reservation and you the original room which the floating reservation is designed for will be unfolded and highlighted (floating reservation for triple room – list of all triple rooms will be unfolded and highlighted).

Reservation does not have to be assigned to originaly designated room. You can decide to place reservation to any other room type (which has capacity for the number of guests in floating reservation (floating reservation for triple room can be assigned also for quadruple room).

Reservations can be also assigned to already occupied rooms. In that case reservation will be saved in waiting list status.

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