Group set

Group set

Prices and parameters can be set either directly in the price table for individual days or for individual seasons (where prices are the same), depending on the display mode of the pricelist. If you need to adjust prices for one of the rooms for only one day, it is enough to add or adjust everything in the price table.

If you need to make some more extensive adjustments, you can use the Quick group setting, which you find in the red box just above the price table. Overall, it is possible to make quick settings for rates, for closing and opening rooms, to specify payment methods, and with the last button “Other” you can set lengths of stay and also restrictions for arrivals and departures. All settings categories work on a similar principle, we will now discuss some options for using these settings.

Let’s start with the rates! First you need to specify for which time periods you want to set rates (1), you can set up rates for weekends, weeks, months or year-long season settings, exactly as you need. Note that right under the time period, there is the option to copy already entered prices from an existing term and have them propagated to the new term.

With the help of setting parameters (2) you can specify what exactly you want to set up. In the figure below, you can see that we are setting up a term from the beginning of March until the end of April 2017, and we have determined with setting parameters that we will only set basic and discount prices for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, only in Czech Crowns and only for certain rooms. The chosen “filters” modify the items displayed in the table below these parameters.

If you don’t copy the prices (see above), you must manually fill them in the table (3). Basic rates are displayed in white cells, discount rates in purple ones and non-refundable rates in yellow ones. If you set up multiple currencies, the number of columns will, of course, multiply.

Finally, one more very important thing is the checkbox at the bottom of the window below the price table (4). It means that if I don’t fill in certain prices (as in the above figure, e.g. the price for a triple room) and this checkbox is ticked (default), then for this time period (March to end of April) rates for a triple room already in the pricelist will not be deleted. If I would untick this box and confirm the window, the prices already entered for this time period would be updated, because I didn’t enter a price for the triple room when inputting prices in the bulk settings.

Quick group settings for open and closed rooms work on a similar principle: you select the term that you want to edit. There is a shortcut just below the time period now also for quickly opening or closing all rooms for a given term, in addition to copying settings from another term. Setting parameters work on the same principle as for prices (you can select certain days and rooms etc.).

If you only need to open or close certain rooms, simply click on the box in the row of the room and select which room to open or close by clicking on the green checkmark or the stop sign.

Again, quick group settings for payment methods and guarantees are also very similar. You choose a term and you determine which payment methods are acceptable for you for this term. The choices are always credit card guarantee, payment on site, bank transfer, and if you have a payment gateway integrated, also card payment. Again, you can copy parameters and you can choose setting parameters.

Other items such as meals, lengths of stay and restrictions for arrivals and departures can be set via the “Other” button. As in the previous cases, you select the term that you want to set up (again, you’ll find the copy function for settings from another term) and then you need to choose what exactly you want to set up.

  • Lengths of stay: This is mostly used to set up the minimum length of stay, but you can also set the maximum length of stay.
  • Arrivals and departures: Set the combinations of days when guests can arrive and depart. For example, if you want to set up that arrivals are only possible on Fridays and departures can be on any day of the week, you must set all possible combinations such as: Fri-Mon, Fri-Tue, Fri-Wed, Fri-Thu, Fri-Fri, Fri-Sat and Fri-Sun.