How to use the App?

Working with the app

After login you will see a list of all rooms or only the ones which were assigned to your account.

You will also see:

  • Room name – certain room name in Previo
  • Cleaning status – red icon marks untidy, yellow icon inspection and green icon cleaned and ready for use
  • Arrivals and departures – also with three options. In case arrival time is filled in this room has reservation starting today. Departure time means that some reservation in this room departures today. Last option is arrow which means that this room has ongoing reservation.

The following is listed after selecting a specific room:

  • Booked guests at the given date
  • Date of the entire booking for the given room
  • Other actions (italicised actions will be added in the near future):
    • User can change the clean status of the given room for the given day
    • Report a fault in the room
    • Report a lost/forgotten item in the room
    • Report consumption from the minibar (the receptionist can then charge the consumption to the guest’s account)

After selecting the Defects module, you first see a complete list of all reported defects including the repair status. The repair status is also very easy:

  • Red cross – unrepaired
  • Yellow round arrow – repair is under way
  • Green checkmark – repaired

There is a button for reporting new defects in the lower part of the window. All you have to do is take a picture of the defect, select an approximate defect category (6 options – Bathroom, TV, Lock, Heating, Lighting, Other) and add a specific description (either an audio entry or a traditional written entry).

By reporting the defect, you also send a copy to the receptionist’s (PC) version of Previo, where it appears in the Defects module and in reservation calendar.