Login and hotel information

Login and hotel information

Your guests will receive confirmation email with accommodation voucher after they complete their booking. Confirmation contains information about possibility of using Alfred mobile app.

Specificaly link for downloading the app from Google Play and App Store with brief list of functions. Most important is unique six characters long PIN code for the administration of their reservation.


Guests can fill in their unique PIN code in the app and login to their reservation administration. They can also click throught the confirmation email/accommodation voucher which will log them in directly if they have the app already installed.

Icon in top right corner gives them an option of prefilling their (and theirs travel companions) personal data which can be used later during the online checkin.

Basic hotel information

After login guests will see general information about his hotel. They can contact your reception by phone and email or display wi-fi credentials in one click.

Bellow this they can find detailed information (including openning hours) of other hotel facilities and ammenities such as restaurant, conference rooms, wellness, etc.