No-show / invalid CC reporting

No-show / invalid CC reporting


We newly support direct communication with following partner regarding no-shows and invalid payment cards. Function is available when using Previo Channel Manager (meaning it is not supported when connection is established by Yield Planet for example).

Specifically you are able to report following events:

  • No-show (the entire reservation has not arrived or one part of the group reservation has not arrived)
  • Invalid payment card (guest provided payment card cannot be charged) – only for non-virtual CCs
  • Cancellation of booking due to invalid payment card (guest has not provided another payment card and therefore you are free to cancel the reservation)

No-show reporting

If you encounter no show, you can easily change the reservation status in Previo from e.g. “confirmed” to “no-show” and save the reservation. Pop-up window will appear where you can confirm reporting no-show to partner (and at the same time you are able to excuse guest from cancellation fees).

No-show can be reported always on the next day after the arrival day (reservation starts on 15th and you are able to report no-show from 16th at 00:01 AM. You are able to report this event for48 hours from that point.

Invalid payment card (and possible cancellation of reservation if the valid card is not provided)

Invalid payment card (not working, cannot be charged) can always be reported directly from payment card detail in reservation detail. Time of reporting is always visible in a hint and also in the reservation history (user activity).

Reporting can be processed at any time (of course best before arrival date) and B.com will then give guest additional time to provide different, valid payment card.

Provided time can vary depending on the time of reporting and time prior to arrival date. Benchmark for this is 3 PM on the arrival day.

There can be more or less three possible time windows:

  • Guest has 24 hours to provide new card if the card is reported more than one day before arrival.
  • Guest has 12 hours to provide new card if the card is reported one day before arrival.
  • Guest has e.g. 2 hours to provide new card if the card is reported on the arrival date around 1 PM.

In case guest provided new card you will get the standard email information from Booking.com and the card information will be updated in reservation detail.

If the card is not provided on time you are allowed to cancel the reservation due to invalid payment card.

This function is available 24 hours after the original invalid payment card is reported (in case you have reported the invalid card in sufficient advance – see above) or after 3 PM on the arrival day (if you have reported the invalid card less than two days before arrival day).

After confirmation reservation is being cancelled in Previo and same information is send to the partner. Booking.com will also send you the standard cancellation email in a few minutes.

Further information about handling invalid payment cards and cancellations on Booking.com can be found here.

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