Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery is one of the most important parts of your online presentation. Gallery is divided into two separate parts. In top right corner you can switch between existing galleries.

Profile gallery is highlighted with star icon in its name. You can switch gallery to profile one by clicking on the star icon next to the gallery selection. Profile gallery is used in your presentation at czech partner reservation portals. Photographs from other galleries will not be used in the main presentation, but they can be assigned to certain room types or services.

In selected gallery you can adjust the order of photographs by dragging them using top left corner of each one.

Under the gallery pictures, you have second section called Uploaded photographs. This gallery contains all uploaded photographs which can (but they do not have to be) assigned in different galleries.

You can move photographs from “uploaded section” to openned gallery section by using button with arrow pointing up. You can also remove the photographs from gallery by using similar button with arrow pointing down.

New photographs can be loaded using green plus button in the top left side of this module. You just need to select certain gallery (or create a new one) and load the pictures (using drag n drop or Zvolit soubory (Select files) button.