PMS Mobile App

PMS Mobile App

The mobile application Previo is an ideal helper when you are on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just left for a month-long vacation or you don’t have access to your laptop over the weekend. The application will keep you posted about everything in your hotel. You can check available rooms, add new reservations, or edit existing ones anytime with our app.

The app works on all mobile technology, as well as tablets, using the Android or iOS operating systems.

You can login to app at app.previo.cz. Login credentials are the same as for classic version.

The app comes completely free with the PRO and LITE licence.


Reservation calendar

  • New design of reservation calendar which is very similar to classic desktop version of Previo.
  • Visible reservation source (company, partner, contact person and identification of group reservation)
  • Highlighted rooms which are stopped for sale
  • Rooms from category “Other – days” are also displayed in the calendar (parking lots, technical rooms, etc.)

Reservations and accounts

  • Quick process of creating new reservation
  • Group bookings – editation only in first phase, soon also creating new group bookings
  • Full editation of reservation parameters (date, status, contacts, notes, reservation lock)
  • Connection with your guest and company database
  • Guests without bed can be added to reservation
  • Room account – connected with stock items and predefined services from Previo + possibility to add your own items
  • Account recalculation (based on your Previo settings)
  • User permissions for reservation and account actions are also taken in consideration
  • Fulltext reservation search


  • Dashboard with basic information about revenue, number of reservations and occupancy rates.
  • Notifications for Android (unfortunately iOS does not support notifications due to technical limits of this platform)
  • Notification contain information to which hotel it belongs (for more hotels in group)
  • Compact view for hotels with more rooms
  • High performance mode – loads more reservations at once which makes scrolling through calendar more fluent
  • Automatic update of the entire web-app without need for downloading any updates

Save web-app to your phone

If you would like to try/buy our PMS app, please contact our customer support at e-mail info@previo.cz or by phone number +420 251 613 924.

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