Price calculation

Price calculation

Select price calculation method and let us know about your choice. Calculation method can be changed in editation of particular room.

Start in your “Listings”:

Open particular room (rooms):

Click on “Prices” section:

And edit Standard fees and charges:

Airbnb has two different price calculations and possible methods of connection.

  • Each possible room occupancy costs the same price (triple room for one / two / three guests will always cost 50€)
  • Price is set only for one person. Cost of other possible occupancies of room is calculated with additional fee per person (we calculate with price for one person + 10€ for each additional person). Fee can be set in room editation in Standard fees and charges section.

In first case we would send price for three guests in room straight from Previo. In second case we would send price for just one person in room from Previo. Prices for two and three guests in the room will be automatically calculated using basic price + fee(s).

Be aware that additional fee set in Airbnb extranet is same per each (extra) person. With fee 10€, price for one extra person would be 10€, for two people 20€ etc.