Price setting options

Price settings options

At the top of the Pricelist module you find the buttons for setting the key system parameters for the price calculation.

Pricing policy

Setting the billing method (recording prices for entire rooms or by the number of guests per room) and how to calculate discounts for guest categories. Under the red question mark you find for each of the setting options a description of the individual methods of calculating discounts, including an illustrative calculation example.

Non-refundable rate

This item allows you to enable non-refundable rates. By default, non-refundable rates are turned off.

There are two ways to define non-refundable rates. The simplest way is to choose a percentage deduction from the basic or possibly a discount price. You just define the deduction, and the non-refundable rates for all terms are automatically calculated from the standard pricelist.

The second option is to manually enter non-refundable rates into the pricelist. If you choose this option, a new column will be added in the pricelist for non-refundable rates. The advantage of this setting is that you can enter non-refundable rates only for certain terms and they don’t have to apply for the entire time period for which you created the pricelist.

Length of stay

Restrictions on the length of stay can be set uniformly for all rooms, or separately for each individual room type.