Rate plans

Rate plans

Possible types of connection

Connection can work in three different ways:

  • Only connection of full room occupancy. Lower capacity of room will not be offered for booking (easiest method – there is no need to set anything)
  • Connection of full room occupancy. Price of lower capacity will be calculated automatically from full room occupancy price.
  • Connection of all possible room occupancies with prices from Previo.

First method is the simpliest one – you do not need to set anything. We will find out the full occupancy and we will connect it with same occupancy price from Previo.

Second method with automatic calculation must be set by you in Booking extranet.

For the last method you need to set “non automatic” rate plans for lower occupancy of your rooms in Booking extranet. Then we will be able to connect correct prices from Previo with correct rate plans from Booking.

This method is most the most exacting for data transfers. For triple room we will send thrice more data than in the first two methods, where the prices for lower occupancies are calculated automatically. Distribution of prices and occupancy can be a bit slower using this method.

Setting of rooms and rateplans at Booking.com

After you log in to Booking.com extranet move to sections Rates and Availability. We will focus on two subsections called Calendar and Rate plans.

Lets start with Calendar – Calendar shows you the list of your room types. Next to the room name you will also see room ID, which helps us identify the room when we are setting the connection.

When you click on the Standard rate plan, you will see for how many people is this rate plan set. You can also see automatically calculated rateplans for lower room occupancy.

If you click on Edit occupancy pricing button, you can set how many people will be able to book certain room and also the method of automatic price calculation from full occupancy price.

This automatically calculated rate plans do not receive any data from Previo. If you want to add new rate plan for lower room occupancy which will take prices from Previo it is neccesary to set this rate plan in Rate plans section.

Select option of adding new rate plan. Table bellow shows you all already set rate plans.

In order to connect certain rate plan to Previo, it is vital to set manual price adjustments (not automatic calculation). You also need to set certain rooms which will use this new rate plan.

In case you will add some new rate plans please contact us. We need to establish connection of these new rates in channel manager.