Rateplan for R+

Rateplan for R+

If you use our Reservation+ booking engine, you can create a separate pricelist, which will only apply to bookings via this booking engine in your websites. Such prices will not be distributed to other linked portals (Hotel.cz, Booking.com etc.). You can thus offer a lower price to guests who book directly on your own website.

To create a separate rate plan for R+, just go to the pricelist (Prices/Pricelist), where you see on the right, above the price table, the rate plan selections (default rate plan is called General) and next to it is the button for creating a new rate plan.

Now you just have to name the rate plan and tick it so that it applies to Reservation+.

Now you can toggle between rate plans. You set up the new plan just like the normal rate plan: either by using quick group settings or by filling in values directly in the price table.

There is one thing that you have to watch out for: Make sure that you don’t get default prices being applied to where you don’t want them! When you set up prices in the R+ pricelist, e.g. only for a certain season, and you didn’t fill in prices for the other dates, the prices for these dates will be automatically taken from the General rate plan.

For this newly created rate plan, you have to set up all other parameters separately, like payment methods, minimum stays, meals and arrivals/departures restrictions.

The availability of the rooms is automatically taken from the Reservation Calendar, but, for example, you can also close rooms (for other partners) in the General rate plan and then open them only in the R+ pricelist for sales just on your website.

When working with the pricelist and you have several rate plans, ALWAYS make sure which plan you have currently open and displayed!