Reports for stat.authrority

Reports for stat.authority

With this module, you can automatically generate reports that the statistical authority requires once a month or quarterly. The report is generated from Previo data, which is automatically filled in a standardized form (see the website of the statistical authority), which you were probably filling in by hand until now.

Press the green plus button (1) to generate a new report for the statistical authority. You can generate either a monthly or a quarterly report. The information and data for the report are taken from bookings in the Reservation Calendar (or possibly from the Guest Book, if you tick this option) and from the settings in Previo (e.g. number of rooms and their beds).

Right next to the New report button is a settings button (2) with only one item for the serial number of your accommodation facility, the so-called Pagina, under which it is registered with the statistical authority.

You can print the reports in PDF format (3). If you want to manually edit any of the automatically generated numbers in the report, you can do so via the pencil icon (4) in the Edit column.