Reservation calendar - video

Reservation calendar – video

Basic orientation – Reservation calendar / list

  • Orientation, moving in calendar, search
  • Dashboard
  • Available rooms list
  • Cleaning and defects

Setting up new Reservation calendar

  • Creating new reservation calendar
  • Calendar settings

Creating and editing reservations in Reservation calendar

  • How to create new reservation
  • Moving reservation in calendar
  • Right mouse button functions
  • Reservation hint
  • Reservation detail
  • Difference between single and group reservation

Setting up group reservation

  • How to create group reservation
  • Moving group reservation in calendar
  • Adjustments of group reservation
  • Adding / removing reservations to / from group

Room accounts

  • How room account works
  • How to add new items and surcharges in room account
  • Group account explanation
  • Moving items between group and room accounts

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