Revenue management

Revenue management

IMPORTANT: Revenue management (RM) only applies for online distribution to foreign OTAs.

RM allows you to create discount/surcharge conditions which will automatically adjust your rates based on changes of your occupancy in certain time period.

Discount/surcharge value can be set as percentage or as absolute value in all allowed currencies. RM can also be limited for certain dates/seasons only.

Type of condition

You can set these conditions:

  • > (more than)
  • < (less than)
  • = (equals)

For example, condition “> 3” rooms (more than three) -> discount / surcharge will be used for four or more rooms available.

More conditions and order of their use

Conditions have their own logic order. They can be set for example like this:

  1. if we have three or more “Double Standard” rooms available, there is no discount / surcharge
  2. if we have just two “Double standard” rooms left, 5% surcharge will be applied
  3. if we have only one remaining room in “Double standard” category, 10% surcharge will be applied

Combination with other discounts

RM is function which watches your availability every minute and automatically changes prices according to your occupancy level. Newly calculated prices then also work with further discounts if there are any.

Discounts are applied in following order:

  • Pricelist rate is first adjusted with RM discount/surcharge
  • Other discounts (such as special price, last minute, first minute) are then applied to this adjusted price.