Room account

Room account

The second tab of the reservation detail contains details of the room account.

The entire tab is divided into three sections. The upper part is a list of all ordered services. The lower left part contains all issued documents and the lower right part connected payments.

The balance of the room account is displayed below the payments section.

How it works? – all room account items should be placed to issued documents and these documents should have payments assigned.

Balance of room account is calculated as a total of all items in room account minus the total of all payments in reservations. In the end, the balance should be (hopefully) zero – all items were placed in issued documents and these were paid by assigned payments.

Change of rateplan

Above the room account you can switch the currently used rate plan assigned for particular reservation. Change of the rateplan will automatically recalculate room account according to selected rateplan.

Lock account function

Accounts can be also locked for any further recalculations caused by changes in reservation parameters such as change of date, number of guests, etc.

Working with room account

New items can be added to a room account using the plus button in the upper right corner. Item can be selected from already predefined items from suggester. You can also add your item if you want.

All items can be edited by clicking to a certain row. Names, prices, VAT rates and count of items can be changed.

You can limit what certain user roles can and can´t do in room account by setting user roles. The user role, for example, doesn´t have to be able to add not predefined items to room account, change VAT rates of items, etc.

Discount/surcharge can be also added to room account manually (1) and you can also change the total price of reservation here.

All you need to do is select the % of discount/surcharge and items for its calculation.

Last option here is change of total reservation price. You insert the new total price and system will automatically calculate the discount (difference between original and new price) and substract it from “Accommodation services” item.

Price of all other items in room account such as taxes, services and stock items will be preserved and won´t change.

Room account can be also transferred to other currency (2) and you can select the exchange rate and confirm the recalculation.

On the left side of the currency selection, you also have several options on how to merge/split automatic room account items (blue ones).

The last thing worth mentioning is the printing of room account preview for guests. Print can be done through the printer icon button and you can select from XLS or PDF format.

Documents in reservation

The new document can be issued using the plus button in documents section (1). You can issue 6 types of documents.

The existing document can be also assigned to a reservation. The only limit is that one document can be assigned to only one reservation.

Documents can be also removed from the reservation using the blue arrow icon (2).

More information about documents can be found here.

Payments in reservation

This section works very similarly to the documents section. Using the plus button you can create new payment and assign it to existing documents in a reservation.

If you don´t have any issued document in reservation instead of payment new document tab will be opened.

Some of you are using an integrated online payment gateway. The last option here in payments is for sending an email request for online payment. More information about this option can be found here.