Room closure

Room closure

Rooms can be closed to sale (Settings / Pricelist) if you do not want to offer them online. Second option is to close rooms using Quickly set Closed rooms option. Closed room is highlighted with red color in your reservation calendar.

Reasons for closing may vary:

  • there is an undergoing reconstruction of room
  • room is booked for long-term stay
  • you want to keep this room for your direct phone/email reservations

Closure of rooms from reservation calendar

Rooms can be also closed from Reservation calendar. There are two possible ways how to do it.

By clicking with your right mouse button at the top of the date column you will see Close this day option.

You can now select if you want to close all rooms or just rooms in selected (opened) reservation calendar (if you have more of them).

Second option is closing of certain room – click with your right mouse button into row of certain room in your reservation calendar. Then select Close this room option and choose time period for closing.

Room closure can be connected with certain note. Note is then visible when you hoover your mouse over closed period.

Note can be deleted by openning room for sale or by rewriting it with another room/date closure.