If you are offering any additional services in your accommodation facilities, this module is exactly made for you. Everything that you set up here will be offered to clients in the second booking step when creating a booking via partner portals or via the Reservation+ booking engine. When the guest ads new items to their room account, all predefined services are automatically offered by the prompter.

In the basic overview, you can see all the services that you are offering. Using the left panel, you can apply full text search and filters to your services.

You can add a new service, as usual, via the green plus button left above the table.

When defining a new service, you first of all have to enter its name (and possibly its language versions via the icon with the Czech flag). Another important thing is to determine, how the price will be charged. You have the choice of several options. If it is a one-off payment, you can choose that the price is a piece price. Other options can be for example rates per person per night, per night per room etc.

For your hourly facilities you can also set price calculation for minute, hour or per hour/person, minute/person. For hour calculations we calculate per hour or part thereof).

Next, you need to choose the right VAT rate. Next, determine the order of the services in which they are displayed in the second booking step in your booking engine.

Finally, you just have to enter the price. It’s always enough, to just specify the price in the default currency, however, you can also enter prices in other enabled currencies. If you do not fill in the price for the other currencies, it will be calculated according to the used exchange rate.

You can also offer the service for different dates for a different price. In such a case, you have to define for which dates and for which rooms the service will be offered, and again, predefine the price. For this, you have to uncheck the box “Price for service is the same throughout the year and for all rooms”.

The last two options that can be set for services are “Display on the website” and “Mandatory”. If you don’t tick the first option, it means that clients will not be able to order this service as part of the booking process. This is ideal, if you define some items that you don’t want to sell, but you will only use them for internal purposes for charging client accounts (e.g. a fine for damage to the apartment).

The second option is to define the service as mandatory. This option can be used, when you charge e.g. CZK 200 for a mandatory post-departure cleaning of the room, whereby this item is not included in the accommodation price.

If you tick a mandatory service item checkbox you must also tick the item “Display on the website” in order to make sure that you don’t charge customers for something that they didn’t order and they didn’t even know about. In the booking form on the website, mandatory services are displayed in the second booking step along with other “optional” services.

In the second tab “Other” you can then add a description and a photo to the service, and possibly assign it to a service group, to rasters, or assign VAT account coding and breakdown.