This last section will direct you to general system settings. You can also enter this settings section using the button with cogwheel in your reservation calendar.


  • Reservation payment status – payment status is set by account balance in default settings. You can also choose that users will have to switch payment status manually in reservation detail and balance will be not taken in consideration.
  • **Default settings for room account recalculation ** – if you prolong reservation, you can have the room account recalculation automatic without confirmation, or you can recalculate the account with confirmation or you do not want to recalculate at all and recalculations must be done manually from room account. You can also differ if you want to recalculate user created reservation or online reservations or both categories.
  • How to place a booking, if the room is not available for the entire length of the reservation – this function works slightly different for Previo Global reservations and for bookings made through RESERVATION+. You can select if reservation will be placed into waiting list and you have to place it in your reservation calendar manually (reservations from foreign OTAs are confirmed for guests and reservation inquiry which needs to be confirmed is created for reservations from RESERVATION+) or if it will be automatically divided / split into available rooms of same room type (ATTENTION if you dont reorganize your reservations later you will have to move your guest from one room to another during his stay!).
    For more information visit following pages with information how this settings works in Previo Global and in our IBE RESERVATION+.
  • Placing method for online reservations – using default settings, online reservations are being placed by order of rooms in certain room type. Second option places reservations evenly by their long time occupancy.
  • Switching of reservations to any status after a certain time – reservation which are not in certain status X hours after their expected arrival will be automatically switched to selected status.
  • Hotel account language – in which language automatic room account items will be displayed.
  • Accommodation service item – select if you want to display room type, room name or none of those in accommodation item in room account.
  • Expiration of options – default settings for time period for reservations in option status.


  • Voucher numbering – here you can set numbers for your reservations (prefix, number of digits, etc.)
  • Sending vouchers and other settings – settings for creating and sending of vouchers via email (subject and body of the email, default voucher content, more information, etc.). Amenities, description and photogallery of booked rooms can be also included in last site of your confirmation vouchers.
  • Advance payments – voucher can be used for advance payment purpose. You can also set if you want to automatically generate proforma invoice with the voucher.

Second tab of this settings allows you to adjust numbering of your hourly reservations. You can create separate number series or use the same you use for standard reservations.