Types of documents

Types of documents

General information

The “Document” module shows you all the issued accounting documents within your profile, which can be – but do not necessarily have to be – linked to a booking. The documents can also be filtered and exported en masse. Please see the sub-sections below.

Issuing a new document

  • By using the INV/REC/PRI/ADV/COU/CRE buttons. When clicking on the arrow beside the button, you are given the option of issuing the document from the booking, or creating a blank document in enabled currencies. After clicking on the button, a new blank document is created in the default currency (see “Settings/Pricelist/Currencies and exchange rates)
  • From Room account in reservation detail.

Document types

Invoice (INV)

  • A traditional tax document for all possible payment methods and amounts. Suitable for pro payers and non-payers of VAT.

Receipt (REC)

  • Simplified tax document.
  • According to law, the maximum amount including VAT cannot exceed 10,000 CZK. The document can be paid by cash or payment card. The document does not have to state the customer’s information. The VAT does not have to be broken down for each item; it can be summarised according to individual rates. (For more information please see: Act No. 235/2004 Sb., the Value Added Tax Act – Section 28(3,4)

Proforma invoice (PRI)

  • A non-accounting call for payment. The client can destroy this document after payment.
    The proforma invoice is issued automatically in the case when the method of payment is set up “by bank transfer” in the “Settings/Pricelist” section.
  • On the basis of the proforma invoice, the client pays the deposit amount. Once the payment is credited to your account, you should issue advanced payment document (ADV), which is considered an accounting document – see below.

Advanced payment document (ADV)

  • As mentioned above, once a deposit is received, it must be entered in the books and a payment document must be issued, specifically the proof of received deposit (ADV).
  • The document can be issued either independently directly in the hotel bill, or by clicking the booking’s call for deposit and issuing a corresponding DPZ, which is based on the information (amounts, items, customer, etc.) in the call for deposit (only possible when a proforma invoice has been created as a request for paying the deposit). All you have to do is open the editing function of the call for deposit and click on the “Issue ADV” button in the lower right corner. Just save the document and the amount, which will be marked as paid on both the proforma invoice as well as the advanced payment document.

Coupon (COU)

The last document type is a coupon, which clients can purchase for their family or friends. They, in turn, can redeem them at your accommodation facility.

Credit note (CRE)

Also called a corrective invoice – You can find more information in the special section dedicated to this document.

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