VERSION - What is new

VERSION – What is new

Version v8.0.5

7. 1. 2021

Version v8.0.4

17. 12. 2020

  • #24798 – Templates added to pricelist.
  • #29159 – Small adjustments of discount coupons and use of their min.price.
  • #29001 – ISDOC export of documents contains phone and email of customer.
  • #29164 – Fixture of automatical issuing of ADP using the automatic payment import from Fio bank.
  • #28906 – Others menu renamed to Connectors (contains settings of lock systems/payment terminals etc).
  • #21362 – Type of stock items is visible in PDF/XLS exports.
  • #24683 – Items can be moved in/out of stock directly from Stock items module.

Version v8.0.3

10. 12. 2020

  • #24940 – Possibility to generate discount coupon for particular value (and not discount in %).
  • #29008 – New option of automatic issue of advance payment documents after successfull import of payments from online banking.
  • #26396 – Improved payment import in situations when payment total does not fit the documents but reference number of the payment does.
  • #27687 – New payment import from Unicredit online banking.
  • #28270 – New monthly “forecast” report.
  • #28667 – Improved time of loading for Overview report.
  • #28415 – Possibility to use discount voucher for value in booking engine.
  • #28620 – Active preauthorization is more visible in reservation room account.
  • #23085 – Pictures in mailing can be aligned to center.
  • #28688 – Adjustmens in “offer online settings” which is not also visible in room type list.

Version v8.0.2

26. 11. 2020

  • #28580 – Possibility to adjust number of available rooms in pricelist for PRO/LITE licence (managed overbook).
  • #23443 – Possibility to select from which items ADR/REVPAR will be calculated
  • #28425 – (ALF)SMS from Alfred to foreign guests.
  • #26410 – Fixture of discount for online payment when booking a stay package in R+.
  • #28644 – Bank account settings rewritten and moved to basic/general hotel settings.
  • #25930 – Fixture of incorrectly selected bank account in case hotel has more of them.
  • #27666 – Basic profile setting section and contacts.
  • #28586 – Differenciation of “tent” and “caravan” in statistical authority report.
  • #28548 – Fixture of item in room amenities  – Hairdryer on request / in room.
  • #28396 – Fixture of Overview report so the nationality of guests is correctly counted.
  • #23166 – Fixture of date of search in document export by segments.
  • #28853 – Company rate plan with 100% discount does not trigger error in pricelist warning message.
  • #28912 – (R+)Discount coupons – adjustments.
  • #28304 – Description section rewritten.

Version v8.0.1

12. 11. 2020

  • #20238 – Duplication validation added for company database. When adding a company with RN already in database, you will be asked if you want to create a new company record or use the already existing one.
  • #28461 – New mailing condition, possibility to send emails only to guests which stayed in particular room.
  • #28747 – New Alfred settings for check-out, reservation cancellation and minibar consumption.
  • #28473 – Fixture of mailing conditions checks so the emails are send as soon as possible (for campaigns set to be send 0 hours after…).
  • #27718 – Fixture of not working click through from Dashboard to Overview in Manager reports.
  • #28799 – Changes in gift voucher reservation through IBE.
  • #28739 – (R+)Adjustments in recommended stay packages (which suit selected date) in Reservation tab.
  • #28582 – Date of service fixed when adding a stock items to room account.
  • #28583 – Missing market codes adedd for PDF/XLS print of reservation overview.
  • #28648 – Fixture of price copying in stay packages in case of overlapping seasons.
  • #28684 – Stock items translations added when moving items in/out of stock.
  • #28888 – (R+)Discount code can be used in the first step of R+ reservation.

Version v8.0.0

5. 11. 2020


Version v7.13.10

13. 10. 2020

  • #16635 – Stock items can have their translations set.
  • #20238 – Company registration number validation when creating new company record.
  • #26347 – Displaying of credit card in reservation is being saved in User activity.
  • #21645 – General accommodation tax settings newly contain option if the stay package prices do or do not include accommodation tax.
  • #24328 – New user permissions for adding/editing/deleting services which is also separated from permission to add services in room account.
  • #27965 – Automatically calculated price in alternative currencies for stock items and services.
  • #27570 – Possibility of adding digital signatures while printing foreign guest book.
  • #28381 – Total summary added to commission overview by partners.
  • #28357 – Fixture of documents rounding in Helios Red export.
  • #28568 – Fixture of account balance tolerance for sending mailing campaigns.

Version v7.13.9

5. 10. 2020

  • #23052 – New option for bulk erasing of more guests from guest book and foreign guest book.
  • #27872 – New option for bulk change of room cleaning status.
  • #28348 – New module in Reports / Manager reports / Alfred -dashboard contains information about
  • #27947 – Google translations for Places of interest added to Alfred.
  • #27264 – Information about item´s segment added to XLS export of documents by segments.
  • #28264 – Adjustment in placeholders in online check-in mailing template.
  • #27956 – Fixture of “before arrival time filter” results in reservation reports.
  • #24010 – Fixture of market codes filer in financial reports.
  • #28260 – Fixture of errors in setting and copying prices in stay packages.
  • #28205 – Fixtgure of displaying old stay package seasons in case there is no present nor future season.
  • #27983 – Automatic foreign guest reporting email contains information about reporting accommodation facility (for hotel groups).
  • #28362 – (R+)Adjustments in new version of pricelist in R+ booking engine(pricelistType=seasons).
  • #28334 – Information about time and date of issue removed from guest accommodation card.
  • #28094 – Fixture of moving through seasons and how seasons are displayed in stay package settings.
  • #23857 – Fixture of account balance toleration – currently it was “1” for all currencies and now we adjust the limit using the exchange rate.
  • #28412 – Fixture of creating stay package with overlaping seasons.

Version v7.13.8

17. 9. 2020

  • #28041 – New filter for documents assigned to other documents as advance documents (also new column for connection with other document is added to list of all documents, hidden in default).
  • #27494 – Reservation note in hint in calendar contains newly contains longer text and basic HTML tags are working again (bold, italics, underline).
  • #23723 – New possibility to set more different bed types at once and set count of each bed type in room type settings (e.g. 2x double bed + 1x single bed in a room).
  • #27803 – New option for assigning more different payment types to one accounting document.
  • #28172 – New document filter by date of fiscalization (+defaultly hidden column in documents list).
  • #27982 – New filter for documents which has assigned other documents (advances).
  • #28124 – Preauthorization from online payment gateway is displayed in room account in the same ways as for preauthorizations made by payment terminal.
  • #28098 – General improvements and fixtures in guest reviews confirmation.
  • #27957 – Managerial reservation report by source contains bookings from R+ separately from the partners.
  • #28286 – While sending document by email to a company reservation, email from company detail is automatically preselected.
  • #27920 – Validation for correct email format added in guest accommodation card.
  • #27845 – Rebranding of Help / Invoices module.
  • #28366 – VAT fixture in XLS export of documents – only 2 decimals are displayed.
  • #28328 – (R+)Missing and incorrect translations fixed in various places in Reservation and Stay packages tabs.
  • #28312 – (R+)Fixture of alternative stay packages which match selected date in Reservation tab. Packages are not displayed in between sold out rooms.
  • #28370 – (R+)Fixture of per room calculated service total price for group bookings.
  • #28311 – (R+)New parameter &stayPricesPerRoom=1 which displays packages charged for entire room with this information and with this calculation logic without recalculation of lowest price for person.
  • #28323 – (R+)New bed layout+count is visible in R+ and accommodation vouchers.
  • #28333 – (R+)Small adjustments in stay package order in R+.

Version v7.13.7

3. 9. 2020

  • #27836 – New quick option for adding/removing one complete row of permissions in user role settings.
  • #27837 – Closed rooms (+ notes) are displayed in reservation calendar also for past dates.
  • #27955 – Changes in meal price list in case meal type is not offered in particular season. If the meal type is deactivated season is marked with red cross.
  • #28141 – (R+)New optional parameter pricelistType=seasons which will display pricelist in a very similar way as in old R+ (this version of pricelist will be also displayed if hotel has less than 4 price seasons for the future). Original version of the pricelist can be displayed using using the parameter pricelistType=rooms.
  • #28186 – (R+)New optional parameter showStays=XXX-YYY which displays only selected stay packages.
  • #28099 – (R+)Services added to Pricelist tab.
  • #25946 – Fixture of price calculation for stock items in case price is set only in secondary currency.
  • #23794 – Fixture of price calculation for services in case price is set only in secondary currency.
  • #28202 – Fixture of bed layouts and other room parameters in R+ and accommodation voucher.
  • #27985 – Fixture of correct locking/unlocking room account for newly created group reservations.
  • #28073 – Fixture of guest name in room account print to PDF/XLS for group reservations.
  • #27779 – Fixture of saving reservation when generating voucher in case there are some changes in the reservation in the meantime.
  • #28149 – “Issuing and cancellation of keys” newly contains number of room for which the key was issued.
  • #24675 – Automatic reload of reservation calendar after adding a new room to it.
  • #27906 – Incorrect date selection when you click through from dashboard to any other module is fixed.
  • #27118 – Possibility to search for reservations using the Alfred reservation code in calendar or reservation list.

Version v7.13.6

25. 8. 2020

  • #25304 – New option for hiding/displaying price in the accommodation voucher. Can be used for example as an accommodation offer.
  • #27820 – Description of defects are displayed in housekeeping reports (PDF, XLS).
  • #25767 – New user permissions for working with items in documents (change price, count, VAT rate etc).
  • #27935 – Using the secondary currency in document always works with up to date exchange rate.
  • #27686 – Todays arrivals filter in reservation list also filters reservation in “Other” status.
  • #28120 – XLS, XLSX and ODS files can be uploaded as attachments to reservations.
  • #28156 – New option for issuing document for Alfred payments – “proforma invoice + advance payment document”.
  • #28136 – Fixture of XML export file for slovak immigration police.

Version v7.13.5

4. 8. 2020

  • #27909 – New settings for type of automatically issued document for online payment from Alfred mobile app.
  • #26349 – Changes in how seasons are displayed in stay package settings. Price can be copied from older seasons and user can browse back to past seasons and old prices.
  • #27529 – New optional RESERVATION+ parameter which shows all extra services offered by hotel (expandServices=1).
    #27984 – New optional RESERVATION+ parameter showHotels which can be used to display only selected profiles in List of facilities and Map tab (showhotels=profile number-profile number).
  • #28021 – Option for booking room which is not available for the entire length of reservation (split reservation / inquiry) also works for stay packages.
  • #27943 – Fixture in fulltext search of documents by number.
  • #28019 – Fixture of parametric terms and conditions.
  • #27821 – Automatic google suggester turned of for filling in the guest accommodation card.
  • #27640 – Warning for guests who are listed in incorrect guest category based on their date of birth (age).
  • #27819 – Fixture of currency in rooming list attached to issued document from group reservation with room accounts in different currencies.
  • #28044 – New room type category – caravan and camper van.
  • #27814 – Guest card contains new tab with guest history (user activity).
  • #28077 – (CZ)Fixture of ADV assigned to invoices in Pohoda SW document export.
  • #28071 – New placeholder “List of room codes” (doesnt include group code).

Version v7.13.4


  • #27746 – Group reservations can be created with zero room and group account.
  • #27689 – Room type category (room, apartment, tent, etc.) is now properly displayed in R+ descriptions. Some of the attributes of room types were moved to new separate tab.
  • #27879 – (R+)Possibility to split reservations from IBE in case the room is not available for the entire length of reservation.
  • #27874 – (R+)Pricelist in R+ can be clicked through to Reservation section.
  • #27853 – (R+)mandatoryData optional parameter fixed for new R+ (+extension for HU).
  • #27691 – Fixture of correct validation of items in room account placed and documents and already paid.
  • #27415 – Fixture of incorrect note in issued documents.
  • #27795 – Revision of notes translations in issued documents.
  • #27804 – (CZ)Automatic reporting of foreign guests is rescheduled from 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • #27776 – “Total price” placeholder in Mailing module now calculates all group and room account for group bookings together.

Version v7.13.3


  • #27492 – Guest label management added to Guest database.
  • #27396 – Billing information for company can be filled in before the online payment through Alfred mobile app.
  • #27715 – Arrivals and Departures in Dashboard module can be clicked through to prefiltered reservation list.
  • #27662 – Missing information added to 80mm print of documents.
  • #26860 – Fixture of receipts imports to Money S3 accounting software.
  • #27729 – Fixture of erasure of guest data in group reservations or in case guest makes multiple reservations with same personal information.
  • #27665 – Fixture of generating proforma invoice altogether with accommodation voucher in case room account total is zero.
  • #27659 – Fixture of document payment status (in detail of particular document)
  • #27734 – Fixture of approving/erasing reviews for RESERVATION+ bookings.
  • #27658 – Fixture of correct address of guest when generating proforma invoice altogether with accommodation voucher from group reservation.
  • #27755 – R+ – Fixture of booking option in situation when room is not available for the entire length of the reservation and reservation needs to be split into two available rooms of the same room type.
  • #27797 – Accommodation VAT rate decreased for Austria.
  • #27748 – Accommodation VAT rate decreased to 10% for Czech republic.
  • #27784 – Fixture of missing guest names in new R+ bookings.

Version v7.13.2


  • #27363 – Function “Split reservations, guest will be moved during stay” in case someone makes a reservation for a room which is not available for the entire length of the reservation is now active also for reservations from RESERVATION+.
  • #27399 – Redesign of Reviews module.
  • #27575 – New option for setting default reservations status for manually created reservations.
  • #27496 – Fixture of few problematic situations with market codes – reservation copy, merging to groups, adjustments in single reservations in group etc.
  • #27585 – 10% VAT rate added for XML exports to Pohoda SW.
  • #27596 – Fixture of click through to reservation detail from Commissions module.
  • #27628 – “Check in” function using the right mouse button in reservation calendar was fixed.

Version v7.13.1


  • #21282 – Possibility to  “lock” room account recalculation from room account.
  • #27392 – Change in settings for room account recalculation. User can select which reservations should and should not be automatically recalculated (manually created X online reservations)
  • #27394 – Preauthorization adjustments – after completion issued documents is send to guest and hotelier.
  • #27482 – Fixture of warning icon in reservation detail for incomplete check-in information (document no, age of guest, visa requirment)
  • #27323 – Room module shows information about number of rooms in each room type.
  • #27349 – “Departure” function from right mouse button generates pop-up window with warning for not paid room account.
  • #27359 – XLS export of documents contains extra column with information about supplier (only in case hotel uses more than one supplier)
  • #27362 – Button for issuing documents in room account detail is properly displayed even in smaller screen resolution.
  • #27374 – Fixture of displaying some pop-up windows in smaller screen resolutions.
  • #27378 – (SK)New import option for payments in SEPA XML formátu (Slovenská spořitelna, Tatrabanka).
  • #27402 – New mailing parameter – payment by invoice.

Version v7.13.0


Version v7.12.17


Version v7.12.14


  • #25818 – Guest accommodation cards can be printed for multiple reservations at once from reservation list.
  • #19970 – “Regular guest” icon has been added into reservation detail for guests who had more than one reservation in the past.
  • #27141 – Bank transactions list import contains bank selector and possibility to upload JSON file.
  • #26833 – Old purpose of stay (leisure / bussiness trip) removed from daily overview.
  • #27060 – New tourist locality for czech hotels České Švýcarsko in Settings / Hotel / Basic.
  • #27136 – New option for exception from accommodation tax – local resident.
  • #27152 – Adjustments of cancellation terms with 0 days / hours condition.
  • #27166 – Possibility of sending a non-binding request for an accommodation voucher in case hotel does not have properly set payment options or when special parameter requestOnly=1 is used in R+ link.
  • #27164 – Additional information about number of guests and overnight stays added to accommodation tax report.
  • #27181 – Adjustments of vouchers (coupons).
  • #27173 – Online order form for accommodation voucher now has its slovakian version.

Version v7.12.12


  • #16822 – Attachments can be added to any reservation (allowed formats jpg/jpeg/gif/png/tiff/pdf/txt/doc/docx/odt, max size 10 MB, ).
  • #26010 – Text adjustments of email informing about new channel manager reservation which was split into available rooms of the same type according to settings. Email contains information that guest has to be moved from one room to another during his stay.
  • #27088 – New documents filter for alternative suplier (visible only in case more suppliers are set).
  • #27108 – Starting date of validity can be set for Coupon.
  •  #27109 – Adjustments in PDF print of Coupons.
  • #27110 – New option of buying Coupon from IBE without any reservation. Coupon is not for specific reservation date and can be used after agreement with accommodation provider.
  • #20756 – Text changes in pop up window which appears when user tries to close reservation with unsaved changes.
  • #25996 – Reservation partner logos updated.
  • #26080 – (CZ)XML export to Pohoda accounting SW contains also connected advance documents.
  • #26861 – Optimalization of Summary for larger number of filtered documents.
  • #26902 – Erasing room while choosing moving of all reservation from certain room to waiting list status will not change the status of cancelled or no show reservations from this room.
  • #27066 – Fixture of closing/openning of longer time periods using the right mouse button in reservation calendar.
  • #27073 – Fixture of long term discount recalculation when changing the room account currency.
  • #27100 – Fixture of english translations of automatic room account items when printing documents from documents detail (editation).
  • #27106 – Fixture of prefilling of the correct address using the parId parameter for company reservations.
  • #26165 – Automatic sorting of languages for documents printing added to the missing places.

Version v7.12.11


  • #21190 – New function for multi PDF export/print of issued documents. You can select which document you want to print at once from one page in documents list.
  • #27068 – Number of displayed documents in accounting documents list can be changed. Number of documents per one page can be set up to 50.
  • #25742 – XLS document export by items contains new column with date of service.
  • #26924 – Partner filter in reservation list contains only partners which sent at least one reservation.
  • #26708 – New structure of settings for online reservations. Newly you have the general settings, payment methods settings, terms and conditions and partner list together in one section.
  • #16212 – Fixture of bad rotation of uploaded photographs.
  • #26069 – Small change in the text of the email when sending a document. Instead of total to be paid there is Total price because document can be already paid and hotelier just need to send it to the guest.
  • #26604 – Fixture of total amount of document in case there is another document in the reservation with total price 0 CZK (for example final invoice for 100% deposit).
  • #26623 – Fixture of automatic resending of revenues to EET in case fiscalization ID was missing.
  • #26903 – Fixture of default sorting of payments by date of payment.
  • #26950 – Fixture of variable {year} in payment numbering settings.
  • #26973 – Small improvements in guest categories settings (guest without bed is better described and has automatic 100% discount)
  • #27011 – Fulltext search works with reservation PIN.

Version v7.12.10



  • #26930 – Automatic sending of accommodated foreigners to UBYPORT. You can choose if you want to be notified by email for every automatic report or only in case some errors occured.
  • #25342 – While closing rooms for sale from reservation calendar (right mouse button) user can add a note. Note is then visible when you hoover the mouse over the closed period/room.
  • #26640 – New optional parameter for companies “Paid by invoice” which is then visible in room account and hint of reservation. (if you add this company to reservation, this option will be preselected. Currently it does nothing but it will be vital for automatic checkin options via kiosks etc. Virtual card option must be now inserted manually but in future it will be also preselected based on the reservation type)
  • #26533 – User activity adjustments connected with latest guest updates caused by changes in immigration police reports and new accommodation tax.
  • #26842 – Commissions waiting for approval are sorted by departure date.
  • #26972 – New segments added – damage, action, cancellation fees.
  • #26882 – Missing street number in accommodation voucher for company reservation added.
  • #26890 – Car number plate is being transfered correctly to PDF/XLS exports from Reservation list.
  • #26935 – Fixture of preselecting meals when creating group reservation.
  • #26540 – New document export file for Helios Red accounting software.

Version v7.12.9


Version v7.12.8


  • #26440 – Services and stock items listed in Segments can be merged in documents using the “Merge by service type” function.
  • #26637 – New filter for assigned rate plan in Company database.
  • #26674 – Accommodation tax reports newly contain information about amount of occupied beds which were excluded from the tax.
  • #26718 – Correct rateplan is being used for Penzion.cz partner (subpartner of Hotel.cz).
  • #26495 – When sending payment to payment terminal, advance payment is taken in consideration.
  • #21370 – Not neccessary window for saving reservation when trying to send document by email was removed.
  • #25714 – “Reservation was not saved window” optimed. Should pop up only in cases where there were some changes in reservation.
  • #26587 – Default note setting for documents, manually added note is also possible and language versions of default note has been fixed.
  • #21082 – Adjustment in reservation reports description.
  • #26510 – (SK)Manuall eKasa fiscalization was added to new Payments module.
  • #26675 – Money S3 document export calculates also with assigned advance documents.
  • #26729 – Fixture of function for updating information in already created foreign guest book.

Version v7.12.7


  • #26449 – New filter for guests which have at least name or phone number or email address filled in their accommodation card.
  • #24279 – Automatic reset function for numbering of documents. Numbers can be automatically reseted on 1st of January (good to combine with {year} parameter in document number prefix).
  • #23234 – Fixture of preset note for documents when printing different language versions of issued documents.
  • #26439 – Alert added when you try to create voucher with proforma invoice in case reservation already has different proforma invoice issued.
  • #26458 – Updated accommodation tax report.
  • #26002 – Fixture of different reference number in voucher and proforma invoice in case both are generated at the same time with voucher settings which does not follow reservation number.
  • #26227 – Fixture of guest amount in Commissions module according to their real amount in particular reservations.
  • #26457 – Purpose of stay added for foreign guest in reservation detail and accommodation card.
  • #26460 – Fixture of locking of reservation from its detail.
  • #26475 – Fixture of moving items out of stock in reservation with “greyed out” room account items.
  • #25440 – Fixture of data transfer for special rate plan for partner Hotel.cz.
  • #26528 – Palestine abbreviation fixed for immigration police reports.(CZ)
  • #26557 – Fixture of number of guests in reports generated for immigration police.
  • #26559 – Fixture of displaying correct guest categories in case room account is split by guests.
  • #26561 – Fixture of FROM/UNTIL in terms and conditions.
  • #26274 – Floating reservations – after assigning any floating resevation to particular room, side dashboard with remaining not assigned reservations is automatically reloaded.
  • #22144 – Fixture of date format translation in room account items.
  • #26496 – Incorrectly displayed rounding of documents issued during preauthorization on payment terminal.

Version v7.12.6


  • #25034 – Daily overview can be printed horizontally or vertically.
  • #22259 – Fixture of occupancy summary for certain rooms in manager reports.
  • #22704 – Order of columns in guest book can be adjusted for PDF and XLS exports.
  • #25552 – Warning pops up when meal / payment plan is not assigned to any accommodation price rate plan.
  • #26333 – Fixture of sorting reservations by price in reservation list.
  • #26400 – Fixture of automatic change in guest category in case guests age fits more than one guest category.
  • #26461 – Fixture of price calculation for services calculated per person / per night per person in case you add this service to document without any connection to reservation.
  • #26487 – Fixture of sorting by date and creating export files in new Payments module.
  • #26504 – Fixture of rounding of taxes in guest book.
  • #26473 – Fixture of missing “date of service” icon in room account when someone books additional services using Reservation+.

Version v7.12.5


  • #26178 – New accommodation tax settings based on update of the czech accommodation tax law.

Version v7.12.4


  • #17343 – New payment module. All payment can be displayed together in one chart. Filtering of payments is also possible and there is new connection between payment and user who created it.
  • #25107 – User can adjust to which rooms in group reservation will be manually added room account items assigned.
  • #26182 – Users can select the structure of automatic room account Accommodation services (if it will contain room type, certain room or nothing).
  • #16056 – All issued documents contain exchange rate.
  • #22132 – Fixture of price calculation for services calculated per number of guests in reservation.
  • #23905 – Fixtures in documents by type/payment reports.
  • #24406 – Room account items order can be changed and items can be sorted (by price, name, room etc).
  • #24468 – Payments can be filtered by payment number or document number.
  • #25292 – Translation fix for printing documents in other than user language.
  • #25858 – When sending request for online payment, automatically generated documents contain also the previously missing company name.
  • #26060 – Calculation fixture of cancelled reservation in Dashboard, which now calculates also the deleted reservation which were supposed to take place during selected date.
  • #26252 – Fixture of payments by card export in case the currency was changed in assigned document.
  • #26328 – Further explanation for the latest online booking time settings in Settings / Hotel / Basic section.
  • #26336 – Fixture of incorrect cash balance in cashbook.
  • #26352 – Ekasa – documents contain so called UID.
  • #26375 – Name and surname in CSV export from guest database are separated to two columns.
  • #26409 – Using showRoomType parameter in booking engine also the offered services will be adjusted according to the parameter.
  • #26411 – Missing translation for rooms wifi details added.
  • #25927 – Floating reservations – button for creating new non-floating resevation is working only in case the reservation was already saved.
  • #26273 – Floating reservations – items can be moved between room and group account in case all reservations have already some room assigned and at the same time room account items are not merged by room types.

Version v7.12.3


  • #26012 – Guest order in reservation can be changed by drag & drop.
  • #26130 – Full CC details are available in Hotelgram + automatic closure of window with cc details after two minutes.
  • #25658 – User activity contains records about guest changes in reservations (adding, editing, erasing, changes in meals, etc.)
  • #26144 – User activity contains records about changes in guest categories settings.
  • #19336 – Hint for fulltext search in documents contains information about possibility to search by document price/amount.
  • #26134 – Erased company from database can be replaced with some other company in all reservation where original company is assigned.
  • #21642 – Last stay package season from past dates is displayed in detail of stay package in case there are no future or current seasons.
  • #25479 – Fixture of compared dates in manager reports in case when one of the years is leap year.
  • #25610 – Automatic warning when deleting some meal rate plan / payment plan which is assigned to some accommodation rateplan (including information that default meal/payment plan will be selected automatically)
  • #25713 – Fixture of meal type information in voucher for stay package in case additional guests are added to reservation with different type of meal.
  • #26089 – Overview contains information about all payments in all allowed currencies separately (payments are not recalculated to hotels default currency).
  • #26205 – Fixture of erasing Descriptions and selecting “Erase and use default text option”.
  • #26214 – Manager reports contain information about exchange rate used for recalculation of items in non-default currency. Currently set exchange rate is used (fix or float).
  • #26232 – Balance value fixture for single reservations in group in reservation list and connected XML and PDF exports.
  • #26242 – Value of documents in manager reports is lowered by assigned advance documents.
  • #26247 – Fixture of randomly changing guest order in group reservations.
  • #26250 – Fixture of “room accounts by services” calculation in manager reports.
  • #26312 – Rounding fix for MoneyS3 exports (and also PDF and XLS exports).
  • #26313 – Fixture of results in Manager reports – finance where there were no results for accommodation services items.
  • #26319 – Fixture of merging results in manager reports (reservations) by length of stay. Average length of stay is newly included.
  • #24711 – Footer of issued document contains information that the document was issued in Previo/Hotelgram system.
  • #25072 – Room account printed in XLS/PDF contains guests name or contact person.
  • #26160 – Fixture of special characters in Significant dates settings.
  • #26188 – Floating reservations – assigning floating reservation will automatically unroll part of the window with already assigned reservations.
  • #26275 – Floating reservations – fixture of 1:1 exchange rate recalculation of room account.
  • #25927 – Floating reservations – button for creating new already assigned reservations works also in case we dont have any floating reservations.

Version v7.12.2


  • #25870 – Overview (Manager reports) has a new section “Occupancy by room types”.
  • #26181 – New filter added to Reservation list. Filter reservations which take place on / during selected date (arrivals, departures, ongoing).
  • #25526 – Items in room account have a new parameter “Service date”. Date can be changed for manually added items.
  • #25203 – Fixture of calculation of room types “Other – days” in financial manager reports.
  • #25480 – Optimalization of graphs in manager reports.
  • #25815 – Copying reservation does not copy partner (Hotel.cz, Booking.com..) and copied reservation is also not included in Commissions if its from Czech partner.
  • #25970 – Fixture of review request sender.
  • #26042 – Adjustment of RevPar calculation when using additional filter for room type.
  • #26065 – Fixture of incorrect discount calculation when booking more than one stay package at once and using an discount coupon.
  • #26116 – When creating hourly reservation calendar without any hourly facilities set, user will see a hint and link to Settings / hotel / Rooms.
  • #26196 – Missing hint for guest category discount calculation added.
  • #26215 – Fixture of language version of additional text in voucher when changing the language version.
  • #23030 – Shared gallery in hotel group does not contain photos from inactive profiles.

Version v7.12.1


  • #24775 – New Payments module.
  • #25520 – When using accommodation voucher as advance payment request you can exclude visitor taxes from the advance calculation.
  • #25522 – New option for changing the total price of the reservation directly.
  • #25646 – New Payments tab in documents detail, which contains information about all payments linked to the document (+ new payments can be added from here).
  • #25971 – (SK)New XML export of accommodated foreigners for slovakian immigration police.
  • #22976 – Dashboard in reservation calendar show information about guests, contact person and company (in this order if some of these are not filled in).
  • #25670 – Hourly reservations room account contains button for adding discounts/surcharges such as in normal reservations.
  • #24941 – Bank account details validation in case hotel sets Bank transfer as allowed payment method.
  • #24951 – Fixture of GPC import of bank transfers where all payments had the date 30.11.1999.
  • #25368 – Change in hint of online payment gateway settings (for waiting for the payment settings).
  • #25685 – Fixture of filters for accessing user activity from list of documents.
  • #26004 – (SK)Fixture of VAT rate for automatically generated proforma invoice for slovakian hotels.
  • #26117 – Filters added in List of users module.
  • #26118 – Fixture of visitors taxes when creating new group reservation with default guest category which does not pay these taxes.
  • #26119 – Fixture of incorrectly set purpose of stay when selecting guests from suggester in case default guest category does not pay visitor taxes.
  • #26121 – Fixture of unpairing documents from group account in case one of the reservations in group is deleted.
  • #26167 – Pricelist contains information about payment method options settings being moved to other section of menu. There is also a link to new module.
  • #26170 – New eKasa option for printing from Previo or external printer.

Version v7.12.0


  • #18983 – New option for printing 2 copies of A5 documents on one page in Advanced print options added.
  • #22249 – Company suggester contains information about company state.
  • #20044 – Single reservation detail contains number of nights.
  • #25992 – Reservation list has one additional column with number of nights.
  • #23695 – Rooms tabs in group reservation contains information about total number of guests in reservation.
  • #21135 – Corrective payment in room account is automatically set as “Expense”.
  • #22773 – Name of export file from guest database contains information about date filter in case it was used for guest filtering.
  • #22775 – After adding a stock item into room account, inventory count changes in suggester when you try to add one more item of same type.
  • #25443 – Guest with more nationalities will be displayed only once in immigration police report. 
  • #25724 – Summary of documents with zero filtered documents fixed.
  • #25981 – Surcharge/discount decimals are visible in user activity history.
  • #26032 – Tasks and defects modules are being loaded faster.
  • #26034 – Tax reports can be generated also if company name has more than 100 letters.
  • #26052 – Fixture of demo registration and for english demo request new special english demo user has been prepared.
  • #26057 – New segment “Cosmetics”.

Version v7.11.6


  • #25644 – Lines in data grids (guest database, documents, reservations, guest book, discount codes, etc.) can be opened with double click.
  • #18827 – New “Show all and Hide all” option added to Rooms tab when creating new group reservation.
  • #25179 – Hours outside the set opening hours of hour facilities (wellness, conference, etc.) are highlighted in red in reservation calendar.
  • #25469 – Erasing reservation with assigned documents in it will automatically unassign this document which can be later added to some other reservation.
  • #24118 – Hourly reservation hint in calendar contains information about contact person and number of people in reservation.
  • #24666 – Help / Manual link is adjusted by users interface language.
  • #25384 – IDUB settings for immigration police shows only rooms from “Accommodation” room type. 
  • #25408 – Fixture of translations in email request for review.
  • #25417 – Fixture of downloading UNL files with lists of accommodated foreigners in Mozilla Firefox browser when incorrect date of birth has been filled in. 
  • #25683 – Fixture of issuing documents for more reservations at once from Payments / Documents menu.
  • #25839 – New column with currency added to document export by items.
  • #25932 – New validation and warning for incorrectly set date of birth.
  • #25968 – Print of reservation calendar includes names of days.
  • #25982 – New currencies added – AED, CHF, JPY, CNY a RON.
  • #25988 – Fixture of manual link in window which appears when assigning advance documents.
  • #25993 – Fixture of filtering yet not approved commissions from partner reservations.
  • #25994 – Icons with additional information in the system were unified.
  • #25999 – Fixture of column names in documents list.
  • #26000 – Fixture of yearly comparison of new reservations in Dashboard module.
  • #26014 – Fixture of manual link in Settings / Partners.

Version v7.11.5


  • #16603 – Hourly reservations can be merged with classic room reservations into group reservations.
  • #22841 – Information about document being send via email is visible in the window with editation of certain document.
  • #24853 – New type of reservation calendar for minute/hourly reservations. Functions are the same as in todays minute calendar but time axis is in hours.
  • #25726 – Language selection of printed document is being automatically adjusted by the hotel most used languages for printing (other languages are still available in “Advanced printing options”).
  • #25900 – List of documents contains new optional column with information about issued credit note for certain documents. Cancelled documents (with issud credit note) also have new filter.
  • #25802 – Assigned guest labels do not dissappear when merging two guests records in guest database.
  • #25860 – Fixture of lowest available room price in dashboard has been fixed (based on departuring reservations and their checkout time for certain day).
  • #25881 – Yearly graphic comparison of newly created reservations has been fixed in Dashboard.
  • #25883 – Change in text of final part of the document with assigned advance payment. Change from “Total price” to “Still to be paid”.
  • #25903 – Visibility of group note in floating reservations calendar has been fixed.
  • #25920 – Offered language versions for printing documents are displayed in users language.
  • #25873 – Check-up cleaning function fixed.

Version v7.11.4


  • #25539 – My Alfred mobile app contains new Green Option function. Guest can skip cleaning of his room for the next day.
  • #16234 – New print option for hourly/minute reservation calendar.
  • #21492 – Record about saving the document in user activity contains information about checking/not checking EET.
  • #25489 – Guest category table contains information about age range in default view.
  • #25752 – Fixture of documents rounding for total price which is less than 1.
  • #25809 – List of saved IDUBs contains information about name of the accommodation facility (for apartments with different addresses).
  • #25836 – Rooms cannot be created with capacity 0+0 and 0+1.
  • #25844 – Mailing contains new placeholder/variable for PIN code for Smartlocks system.
  • #25846 – Fixture of rewriting room account item to a predefined service or stock item.
  • #25886 – Group booking note is transfere to single reservation note when creating new unassigned reservation with just one room.

Version v7.11.3


  • #17264 – New Dashboard module with information about current occupancy, revenues, reservations, tasks, housekeeping, etc. Access to dashboard is through new button in upper left menu.
  • #23100 – Six Payment Services online payment gateway can be integrated to Hotelgram (works the same as other gateways)
  • #25290 – User password can contain more special signs such as ^ @, etc.
  • #25725 – Summary report of documents crashing fixed for larger amount of documents.
  • #25758 – Manually added items / services / stock items in room account won´t disappear when using Move / Split function with recalculation of room account.
  • #25789 – Advance document can be assigned to final document in cancelled group reservation.
  • #25657 – South Korean guests are correctly labeled in reports for statistical authority.

Version v7.11.2


    • #25434 – Notifications has been added to mobile housekeeping app (guest departure, new reservation for todays date, defect reported…).
    • #25597 – Meal price list contains also blank (not filled in) seasons.
    • #23600 – Mandatory services in R+ also contain specification of their price calculation (per night/per person/etc).
    • #25647 – Fixture of correct information about “View on ….” in room type amenities in accommodation voucher.
    • #25668 – Fixture of incorrect price of stay package in case package has special price and some of the dates also have special price for standard accommodation reservation.
    • #25692 – Fixture of new meal season date when making a new hotel registration.
    • #25730 – Fixture of long term stay discount altogether with special price of the accommodation.
    • #25393 – Fixture of meals loding into newly created group reservation in case user doesnt click to group account before saving the reservation.
    • #25542 – New currency added – Croatian Kuna.
    • #25531 – User can change his own password even without permissions for List of users section.
    • #25626 – Visa requirment in guest card is based on Nationality section at the same place.
    • #25774 – Fixture of eKasa fiscalization in case documents has advance document assigned.
    • #25614 – Documents fiscalized in eKasa can be adjusted. User can edit documents information which are not being send to fiscalization.
    • #25608 – Document waiting to be send to eKasa cannot be deleted in room account before saving the reservation.

Version v7.11.1


  • #25603 – Meals in reservation detail are automatically adjusted by meal type of stay package added to room account (in case meal is allowed in given date).
  • #25535 – Fixture of incorrect price of more items moved out of stock in Retail sales module.
  • #25620 – Fixture of saving more IDUBs and login details for automatic reporting to immigration police.
  • #25612 – Negative price of meals is being highlighted in red in Meals module.
  • #25524 – Fixture of changing the housekeeping status of room when using the “departure” function from reservation detail.
  • #25622 – Fixture of visibility of selected option for placing meals into room account in meals settings.
  • #21607 – Fixture of offered meal types for newly created guest categories.
  • #25648 – Fixture of incorrectly placed category into purpose of stay section in case guest category is first in order and does not pay recreational tax.
  • #24988 – Changes in EET module when hotel uses it but its displayed by user who dont have permission for fiscalization.
  • #25614 – Users can adjust the document information which are being send to eKasa in already fiscalized documents.
  • #25608 – Documents waiting to be send to eKasa can be deleted.

Version v7.11.0


  • #24475 – First part of the new pricelist – new meals module.
  • #25528 –  Reservations from channel manager which are received in waiting list status (Room available – YES) can be automatically split into available rooms of same room type.
  • #16754 – Warning message appears when user adds stay package which is set for certain amount of days to shorter / longer reservations room account.
  • #25053 – Warning message about meals settings appears when user adds stay package to room account.
  • #25011 – Changes in purpose of stay settings for guests in reservations.
  • #25514 – Online reservation discount can be used altogether with special rate plan for Reservation+ IBE.
  • #25523 – Fixture of prefilling guests email while sending documents by email for swedish, japan, latvia and croatian nationallity.
  • #25525 – Fixture in automatic moving items out of stock in document (situation when you move item out of stock, increase the amount of items and move items out of stock again).
  • #25530 – Fixture of filters by “Company type” in company database.
  • #25550 – Fixture of application of company discount while booking through Reservation+ IBE.
  • #25555 – User activity contains logs about creation / adjustments / deleting of meal rate plans.
  • #25581 – Fixture of sending items withs 10% VAT rate to czech fiscalization (EET).
  • #25576 – Fixture of min.price parameter validation while using discount coupons in R+.

Verze v7.10.15


  • #25470 – Guest nationalities translations added when printing multiple guest cards for certain date.
  • #25533 – Accommodation name can have up to 100 letters – fixture of error while creating a tax report.
  • #25534 – Fixture of moving two digit number of stock items out of stock.

Version v7.10.14


  • #12842 – Reservations from channel manager which are received in waiting list status (Room available – YES) can be automatically split into available rooms of same room type.
  • #22176 – Automatic warning message for moving items in/out of stock in situation when someone adds stock item to issued document, issues a credit note or deletes item from document.
  • #24616 – Fixture of moving items out of stock in document in case same stock item is included in document more than once.
  • #25272 – Secondary currency can be removed and cancelled from issued document.
  • #25394 – Detail of group reservation in reservation calendar unified with the rest of reservation list.
  • #25453 – Changes in guest category discount calculation if reservation lasts for multiple price seasons and discount calculation is set from “last bed”.
  • #25466 – IBE works even in case hotel has room with zero capacity.

Version v7.10.12


  • #22571 – Warning message appears when user adds a guest with assigned guest label in reservation.
  • #24741 – Guest accommodation card adjustments. Nationality is no longer part of the address section and its moved to documents and visa section.
  • #25364 – Accommodation voucher for stay package reservation contains new section with content of the package.
  • #25372 – Voucher settings adjustments. Subject of email with voucher can contain variable {VOUCHER} which will be replaced with reservation number.
  • #25126 – User can select the language version during creating a request for demoversion of our software.
  • #24183 -Merging two group reservations with different contact person causes deleting one of the contact person. These “deleted” contact information will be preserved in reservation note.
  • #15202 – Contact person can be set only in group reservation details. Adjustments of contact person in single reservation from group is no longer possible.
  • #23379 – Fixture of moving items out of stock when manually adding new stock item into same document.
  • #23423 – Adjustments in group reservation adjustments window.
  • #23607 – Adjustments of historical exchange rate for older revenues in manager reports.
  • #24616 – Fixture of moving items out of stock in issued document in case there are more same items in the document.
  • #25092 – Not filled guests in group reservation are marked as domestic guests for Overview report.
  • #25199 – Translations for “Online checkin link” variable added in Mailing module.
  • #25266 – Adjustments of displaying prices without VAT and in document export by items.
  • #25277 – Missing user permissions in SCHOOL licence added.
  • #25362 – Fixture of issuing proforma invoice for non VAT payer in booking engine.
  • #25383 – Fixture of printing a reservation calendar in PDF if guest name or reservation note contains ampersand &.
  • #25386 – Missing room name added to reservation hint in reservation calendar.
  • #25374 – Fixture of VAT calculation from price without VAT.
  • #25404 – Fixture for same total amount in CZK and EUR in R+.
  • #25403 – Fixture of translations for proforma invoice created using IBE in spanish.
  • #25396 – R+ loading fastened when both NRR prices and pricesPerOccupancy parameter are displayed and used.

Version v7.10.11


  • #23039 – Guest list (rooming list) for group bookings can be generated also in XLS file.
  • #25259 – Number of rooms/guests filter in reservation list can be used to filter precise number (for example only 2 guests, only 3 rooms).
  • #24516 – Text adjustments in guest accommodation card and in foreign guest register.
  • #24959 – Numbering of hourly reservations adjusted.
  • #25128 – Order of the rooms in rooming list fixed.
  • #25199 – Translations for “Online check in link” placeholder added in Mailing module.
  • #25229 – Fixture of text settings and changes for email with voucher.
  • #25308 – Loading of R+ fastened in case when hotel has large capacity of rooms.
  • #25315 – Price displayed in first step of R+ is displayed only for fully occupied main beds and not extra beds.
  • #24834 – Adjustments of room selection in case hotel sets more IDUBs for immigration police reporting.
  • #25054 – Changes in order of “greyed out” items in room account. Manually inserted items and items send via API ( addAccountItem method) are being listed under automatic blue items and also alphabetically.
  • #25128 – Fixture of room order in rooming list of group booking.
  • #25183 – Fixture of loading a reservation calendar without any rooms assigned.
  • #18056 – XLS reservation list export works properly in OpenOffice.
  • #21779 – Hourly reservations can be added to group booking.
  • #25262 – Rounding of accommodation/city tax value tax report is adjusted to 2 digits.
  • #25289 – Fixture of displaying switch contact person in reservation when you openned hourly reservation first.
  • #25324 – Fixture of prices in R+ if room has more than one extra bed.
  • #25326 – Fixture of description of compulsory service in R+.
  • #25303 – Adjustments in updated XLS and PDF exports of reservation list. Number of guests and missing reservation noted added. Arrival and departure date are in separate columns in XLS filter.
  • #23638 – Exchange office warning message added in case hotel has only one currency allowed.
  • #25338 – “Other information” headline removed from accommodation voucher.
  • #24486 – Fixture of guest category translations in accommodation voucher from R+.
  • #25340 – Conference rooms amenities contain Sport and Outdoor activities.

Verze v7.10.10


  • #11170 – Confirmation voucher can contain 3rd site with detailed information about booked room (amenities, description, gallery).
  • #20123 – Adjustments in PDF and XLS export from Reservation list. Export contains only visible and properly sorted columns.
  • #25233 – Terms and conditions can contain a link for external website.
  • #23008 – Notes PDF export of reservation list do not contain HTML tags.
  • #25175 – Fixture of creating new user with diacritics.
  • #25227 – Fixture of incorrect numbering of documents if the user does not have permission to change reference and document number.
  • #25252 – Fixture of visibility of RN and TRN in case document is issed for a guest and the company is also filled in reservation.
  • #25253 – Fixture of visibility of VAT for non payer in case of printing of room account.
  • #25269 – Fixture of currency when foreign hotel changes reservation commission.
  • #25268 – Fixture of room selection highlighting when selecting multiple rooms for adjustments in group reservation Rooms tab.
  • #25237 – Confirmation voucher is being saved with different name (not downloaded item).
  • #25188 – R+ loading fastened in case hotel has rooms with large capacity and uses “pricesPerOccupancy” parameter.
  • #24017 – Contact person column in reservation list does not use guest information in case contact person is not filled in reservation.
  • #25231 – Alternative supplier for issuing documents added to demo hotel profile.

Version v7.10.9


  • #25043 – New options for merging items in issued documents. You can merge items with same name, by VAT rate, by segments or merge only selected items.
  • #25131 – New function for removing guest from the reservation.
  • #17802 – Reservation list contains reservations from hourly facilities. Reservations can be also filtered by room categories (accommodation, wellness, conference, etc.).
  • #25018 – New user permission for displaying credit card information in reservation detail.
  • #23687 – Reservation list contains new optional column with option expiration date.
  • #25050 – Exchange office updated according to new law amendment applied from 1.4.2019 (do not forget to set working hours in exchange office settings – you can set specific working hours or you can use working hours of reception from Settings / Hotel / Amenities).
  • #21636 – Group note will not stick with reservation if you remove it from group.
  • #24728 – Section Report error / Remote support contains new option for remote support with link for downloading Teamviewer programme.
  • #25117 – Fixture of missing stay package name in group reservation confirmation.
  • #25121 – Fixture of incorrect currency in recalculation of Previo Global reservations room account.
  • #25138 – When you select some restricted arrival day from datepicker in R+ nearest available date from selected date will be displayed.
  • #25139 – Fixture of erasing guests note in case channel manager sends reservation adjustment.
  • #25144 – Fixture of optional parameter discountCoupon in R+.
  • #25150 – Fixture of PDF print of payment card payment confirmation.
  • #25167 – Small adjustments in copy reservation function. All items can be placed to group account if you select merging reservations together.
  • #25169 – Stay packages set to display “at own websites” and “at other partners” are being displayed correctly on sites webs.
  • #25156 – Fixture of meals in confirmation voucher in case when the meals are included in price of accommodation.
  • #24870 – Possibility of having more alternative suppliers when issuing documents.
  • #25186 – Missing texts and headlines added into tax report.
  • #25202 – Fixture of saving working hours of reception in various combinations of erasing inserted intervals.

Version v7.10.8


  • #24433 – Warning message appears when changing the payment method for issued document with linked payment. Payment type can be changed when saving the document.
  • #24488 – Automatically issued advance payment documents for succesfull online payment using the ČSOB payment gateway use the reference number of the payment from internal administration of payments POS Merchant.
  • #23987 – Tax reports can be generated only for selected rooms (suitable for apartments at different addresses).
  • #25020 – XLS export file from reservation list contains new column with reservation account balance.
  • #25032 – Zero payment is not created in case of saving a document with 100% deposit assigned when using “Save including payment” button.
  • #24859 – Adjustments of printing a document from its editation in large group reservations.
  • #25012 – Fixture of incorrect document currency in situation when proforma invoice is issued in different currency than room account and items in document are merged together. Following advance payment document was in value which does not match the original proforma invoice value.
  • #25016 – Fixture of notes transcription in issued documents for various combinations of working with proforma invoices and advance payment documents.
  • #25025 – Fixture of incorrect xml export file for Pohoda accounting software for xml files which contained credit notes. Missing document text in the export was also fixed.
  • #25059 – Palestine added to states and nationalities.
  • #25078 – Fixture of incorrect stay package price in case when stay package is added to room account by rewritting some of the automatic items (accommodation, tax, etc.)
  • #25089 – Fixture of incorrect stay package price in case when visitor and accommodation tax is set to preserve the total price of accommodation
  • #12627 – Map loading in voucher adjusted for situations when the address of the hotel changes.
  • #25113 – Specific cancellation terms and conditions are being displayed in third step of R+ after the date is selected for stay package reservation.
  • #25105 – Fixture of slovakian and hungarian special characters in accommodation voucher.
  • #25104 – Due date and advance payment fixture in accommodation voucher while using “Issue an advance list” function.
  • #25110 – Fixture of error in saving more reservations for the same data and room which could be done by adjustment of the entire group reservation parameters.
  • #22873 – Automatically issued document for preauthorization contains customer information about first guest in the reservation.
  • #25120 – Language selection in R+ is transleted according to select language version of the booking engine.

Version v7.10.7


  • #21639 + #24932 – New stay packages settings. Packages can be “build up” from predefined services with different VAT rates. Content of the package can be unmerged into single items in room account.
  • #11119 – User activity module contains information about creating/editing/deleting of stay packages.
  • #23342 – Meal type select in adjustment of group reservation parameters is prefilled and active in case all guests in group have the same meal type selected.
  • #24555 – Openning hours of reception can be set in Settings / Hotel / Ammenities section (only for getProperties API function).
  • #24710 – Fixture of filters by VAT rate in stock items section.
  • #24731 – Fixture of stay purpose change in adjustment of group reservation parameters.
  • #24769 – Tax report calculation contains information about currency.
  • #24851 – Changes in stay packages display settings (only my website, hotel.cz, …).
  • #24942 – Fixture of voucher pdf print in case room name contains some special characters.
  • #24956 – Fixture of loading settings hint in reservation calendar settings.
  • #25013 – Corrections in Feedback module.
  • #24961 – Color picker in company settings was simplified.
  • #24783 – Optional additional openning hours of hourly facilities can be erased.
  • #24795 – Fixture of situation when assigned company disappears from a group reservation. For cases when you assign a company and then continue with adding a guests to reservations in group.
  • #25027 – Group reservation created with function Move/Split will preserve currency of the original reservation in case of moving / splitting without recalculation.
  • #25039 – Fixture of min.stay in Reservation+ for settings with separate min.stay for each room type.
  • #25031 – Discount (LT/FM/LM) can be added for rate plan assigned to certain company from company database.
  • #25038 – Fixture of notification settings saving in PMS app.

Version v7.10.6


  • #18285 – Reservations in calendar can be duplicated.
  • #24727 – Daily overview can be created separately for arrivals, departures, ongoing reservations.
  • #24811 – Fixture of placing reservation from Previo Global to waiting list even in case when room type was still available (situation with more received requests at same time, for example for Expedias group reservations which are send separately).
  • #24814 – Fixture of error which occured when changing item order in documents.
  • #24851 – Changes in settings where stay package should be displayed and offered (only websites, spa.cz, etc.)
  • #24910 – Note section for task has been enlarged when adjusting/creating task.
  • #24917 – Total price with VAT is being displayed in document correctly in case you calculate VAT amount from price without VAT.
  • #24944 – Adjustments of My Alfred app placeholders in mailing. There are two placeholders now List of all pin codes (for group reservations) and Reservation Pin code for one specific reservation.
  • #24947 – Optional “redirectUrl” parameter in R+ redirects the entire browser (parent site). Desired redirected site was not displayed in the page when iframe was inserted.
  • #24955 – Facebook pixel conversion sending added to R+.
  • #24977 – Fixture of purpose of stay adjustment in case we set birth date in quick checkin which changes the guest category.
  • #24978 – List of hotels tab in R+ shows correctly all available dates when we use more arrival/departure restrictions at once.
  • #24983 – Fixture of optional “redirectUrl” parameter in R+ combined with succesfull online payment through payment gateway.
  • #24995 – Fixture of discounts/surcharges displayed in R+ in case we use different rates and we change date of reservation.
  • #24970 – Connection to ROCard lock system.
  • #24669 – Document export for Pohoda accounting software contains information about netto price and VAT amount.
  • #24929 – Document export fixture for Pohoda accounting software in case documents has assigned other advance payment document.
  • #18207 – Validation of at least one language selected has been added to website language settings.

Version v7.10.5


  • #20559 – Missing room capacity and stop sales has been added in the list of available rooms when using the function Move / Split (reservation).
  • #24772 – Voucher settings (numbers of reservations etc.) has been moved to general settings (Settings / System). This setting has been removed from its original place in pricelist (preparations for new pricelist development).
  • #24777 – Visa requirments list has been updated for Czech Republic and added for Slovak republic.
  • #24924 – Fixture of error in ordering stay packages with some additional services in case service pricelist uses seasonal pricing method.
  • #24928 – Pricelist section and first step of IBE booking displays full list of cancellation terms and conditions.

Version v7.10.4


  • #24720 – Reservation calendar and general system settings have been split into two separate settings. General system settings (payment status calculation, recalculation of accounts, etc..) stays under cogwheel button (above the calendar on the left side). Reservation calendar settings contains only three remaining tabs (Board, Rooms, Permissions) and these settings are only used for one certain reservation calendar.
  • #24678 – Settings / System now points to general system settings in reservation calendar (previous point). This section newly contains room account language and option expiration settings (from Settings / Hotel / Other section). Cleaning settings has been moved to Housekeeping / Cleaning section.
  • #24773 – Main menu adjustment – new section Pricelist which contains subsections like Prices, Currencies and Exchange rate, Visitor tax, Services, Discounts and surcharges and Stay packages.
  • #20390 – New settings of services for hourly facilities (price calculation of service can be set per minute/hour + suggester of services in room account of hourly reservations and price calculation based on lenght of reservation – we count with each started minute/hour)
  • #24790 – Fixture of printing the exchange transaction document in case it was issued for guest who has already been deleted from guest database.
  • #24823 – Fixture of translations of guest categories (for room account items split by guests) when printing voucher or document.
  • #24832 – Fixture of online reservation discount applied (only) in first step of IBE in case of non refundable reservation.
  • #24860 – Fixture of discount application (LM, FM, LT) in IBE in cases when discount is set for different rate plan (which does not include IBE).
  • #24875 – Fixture of stay package translations in reservation confirmation email.
  • #24876 – Fixture of stay package room account item displayed in confirmation email about succesful payment through online payment gateway.
  • #24879 – Fixture of stay package suggesting in room account.
  • #24354 – Fixture of application of LM discount on special prices in channel manager connection, in case LM discount should not apply to special prices.
  • #24290 – Rounding of documents paid by card fixture, rounding was not corresponding with set rounding method.
  • #24649 – Fixture of payment status change in case of some changes in reservation sent from channel manager.
  • #24867 – New placeholder for mailing campaigns which will show guests his access PIN code to My Alfred mobile app.
  • #24887 – Výchozí typ nově vytvářené kategorie hosta je dospělý (místo dítěte).Default type of new guest category is set to “adult” instead of child.
  • #24889 – Fixture of sillhouettes icons displayed when using pricesPerOccupancy parameter in R+ when the IBE is displayed on smaller screens.

Verze v7.10.3


  • #21406 – New settings for notifications about guests birthday. You can select when you want to be notified about accommodated guests birthday.
  • #24799 – Document sent to EET contains full serial number. Full document number which was send to EET including the prefix (for cases when you have same number series for two different document types).
  • #18441 – If discount (FM/LM/LT) is applied to a rate plan which is not being used for IBE, information about discount will not be displayed in first step of booking and also in will not be visible in pricelist in IBE.
  • #20309 – Optimalization of minute/hour reservation detail for smaller screen resolutions.
  • #23892 – Fixture of room availability check when more rooms of the same room type are being  booked with different occupancies in IBE when parameter pricesPerOccupancy is being used.
  • #24428 – Online payment finished after the expiration will still switch reservation status to confirmed.
  • #24517 – Reservation information remain in the Cleaning module overview even if the reservation is already checked in/out.
  • #24693 – Fixture of voucher numbering settings.
  • #24706 – Change in text content of email about unsuccesfull payment through online payment gateway.
  • #24730 – Fixture of cancelling/no-showing reservation using Delete reservation button (from reservation detail) and selecting “..change the status of reservation to cancelled / no show..”.
  • #24785 – Fixed error in non displaying services with different price seasons while booking stay packages in IBE.
  • #24743 – Fixed error in displaying total price of group account in reservation hint in calendar.
  • #24737 – New mobile app Alfred also available in demo hotel.
  • #24819 – Fixture of incomplete pricelist in IBE in case room/object has capacity of more than 20 person.
  • #24626 – Significant days – optimalization and adjustments of details.
  • #23989 – When openning fast check in from one reservation from group you will first see checkin for the room that you used to get to the fast checkin.
  • #24761 – Possibility of adding a script / code into website footer.

Version v7.10.2


  • #14418 – Guest card will highlight you visa number section if you set guest nationality/address to some country with visa requirement.
  • #22143 – New user activity filter for changes in pricelist. You can filter by date for which you have changed the price/closed rooms/price of meals/payment method/etc.
  • #22107 – Fixture of non recalculation of room account (only the currency not amount changed) while moving the items from room account to group account in case both accounts are in different currencies and we select the option “Recalculate from the rate plan prices”.
  • #24478 –Foreign guest book content is being checked for mistakes and missing information before the UNL file is generated or the guest book is send directly to immigration police.
  • #24485 – UNL files can be still generated from foreign guest books sent directly from Previo to immigration police.
  • #24526 – Foreign guest book settings contains a link for manual.
  • #23916 – Fixture of creating an CSV file with list of guests who meet the criteria for receiving your mailing campaign.
  • #24285 – Users section rewritten into new design.
  • #24460 – If you select more specific search filters in user activity they all work/filter simultaneously
  • #24493 – Decimals in Closures can be add with commas.
  • #24659 – Small adjustments in Tasks module. For example you can click through to reservation/document if the task is connected to it.
  • #24684 – Fixture of VAT rates loading in Stock items module.
  • #24691 – Fixture of galleries for hotel groups. Pictures can be loaded from any profile in the group and are now visible and usable for all other profiles in group.
  • #24701 – Fixture of erasing/cancellation of one reservation from the group from the detail of this certain reservation.
  • #24714 – Fixture of payment link for reservations through Reservation+ with payment method online payment (sometimes the link did not show up).
  • #24718 – Fixture of accommodation card print in case hotel does not have any logo loaded.
  • #24722 – Fixture of correct currency in suggester in room account. Problems occured when you had group account in different currency than room account.
  • #24723 – Fixture of displaying second step of the Reservation+ in case you have two different services with same price seasons set and active.
  • #24724 – Fixture of recalculation of room account for newly created reservations in calendar in case someone adjusts the room item manually before saving the reservation.
  • #24725 – Fixture of possibility of creating reservation that last only few hours in reservation calendar.
  • #24732 – Fixture of clicking through record in user activity to see full history of deleted reservation/document.
  • #24736 – In contact form in our websites guest have the option of adding a file to the attachment which will be send to the hotelier.
  • #24680 – Fixture of dissappearing company information in case of creating reservation, assigning a company and creating a document right away without saving the reservation.
  • #24729 – Fixture of bug with erasing and changing of hotels logo.
  • #24524 – Decimals can be inserted when approving commissions from reservations.
  • #24707 – Fixture of small bugs in Commissions module (name of first guest in reservation is displayed, click through history of deleted reservation, date filter from email)

Version v7.10.1


  • #24605 – Pricelist can show you information about available rooms if its displayed by days.
  • #24282 – New group adjustment of commissions for reservations from Previo partners.
  • #24422 –  Adjustments in immigration police reporting. You are able to report more than 31 foreign guests at once. Foreign guest register now contains confirmation of delivery and user is informed if there is something wrong with the sending of report.
  • #24471 – Foreign guest register contains fulltext guest search by surname, visa number, document number and address.
  • #1773 – If the guest makes a reservation and there is less days before beggining of the reservation than expiration days of bank transfer, due date of the document will be adjusted to one day before the arrival.
  • #23750 – When you delete one from two reservations in group, room account items will be transfered correctly to the room account of remaining reservation.
  • #24149 – Fixture of creating PDF or XLS exports with reservations filtered by market codes or number of rooms or guests in reservations.
  • #24408 – If the guest address is filled in reservation through IBE this information is also used in automatically issued proforma invoice or advance payment document.
  • #24472 – Online checkin is possible for groups which had some cancelled reservation which was removed from the group.
  • #24600 – User activity for price changes shows both original price and the new price.
  • #24621 – Small improvements in Tasks module (which we were not able to finish in previous update).
  • #24631 – Missing translation strings in Tasks module were completed.
  • #11278 – Credit card numbers filled in R+ are separated in 4 groups by 4 digits.
  • #24577 – Adjustment of possible options for erasing the entire group reservation and one reservation from the group when deleting the reservation using right mouse button from the reservation calendar or from reservation list (erase all or erase only one reservation)
  • #24592 – Fixture of generating QR codes in bank transfer documents (IBAN must be filled in)
  • #24658 – Adjustment of reservation through channel manager does not change the payment status of reservation.
  • #24665 – Fixture of erasing rate plans for stay packages.
  • #24672 – Fixture of doubled application of discoun coupon in group reservation if any other discount is applied.
  • #24690 – Merged advance payment item in proforma invoice generated in Reservation+ is translated to the guest interface language (its translated to language in which guest made his reservation in R+).

Version v7.10.0


  • #15845 – In settings menu you can find new module Significant days which allows you to highlight bank holidays and local events in your reservation calendar (PRO version).
  • #24418 – Closing rooms using right mouse button will close rooms for all set rateplans, until now it only closed Standard rate.
  • #24032 – New module Tasks in Housekeeping/Tasks section. You can create and assign tasks for user roles or certain users. There is also notification bar which shows me that I have some tasks assigned in upper system menu (PRO version).
  • #22515 – When prolonging reservation with “greyed out” (edited) items in room account, you will be asked about recalculation of the price. After recalculation missing/new items (accommodation/taxes/meals) will be added to room account. For example I have a reservation from 20.1.-22.1. with greyed out (edited) room account item Accommodation 20.-22.1. I will change the departure date of reservation to 24.1. and I will recalculate the room account. Then new (blue) item Accommodation 23.-24.1 with price from my pricelist will be inserted in room account.
  • #23570 – Reference number of payments from connected ČSOB payment terminals are same as reference number of the document in Previo. Reference number must have max. 10 digits (without any letters, only numbers)
  • #24085 – Closing rooms using right mouse button will appear right away after you close the rooms and switch to some other reservation calendar which contains closed rooms.
  • #24462 – Internal number of company is not being displayed when you create a new reservation and also create a new company.
  • #24473 – Date of birth in online checkin on mobile device can be filled in using the keyboard.
  • #24479 – If the guest will register to newsletter using the website form his record in guest database will automatically contain “From websites” guest label.
  • #24483 – Cancellation of reservation from channel manager does not change the payment status of reservation.
  • #24503 – Document due date fixture for combination of not having permissions to change the date but only to change the payment method (which has preset due date).
  • #24508 – Fixture of room account items translations while printing the voucher/document with them.
  • #24518 – Creating documents and payments in group reservations creates a log of the action in user activities.
  • #24543 – Fixture of error in changing the price seasons in price settings, when end of one season is the same day when another season ends.
  • #24554 – Fulltext search in User activity works altogether with Specific search.
  • #23778 – Merging group account items by room type does not merge items which are in separate room account in group reservation.
  • #19957 – Solving issues with recalculation and duplication of items in room/group account in case of adjusting reservations in group which have items on both room and group account.
  • #24040 – Change of hint in Discounts for online reservations through IBE.
  • #24352 – Duplication of room account items while moving the entire group reservation fixed. If all room account items were in group account and reservation has been moved, all items were duplicated from the group account also to room accounts.
  • #24510 – New hint for setting age range for guest categories.
  • #24562 – Icon for creating group reservation and record in user activity about group reservation is unified.
  • #24573 – PDF print of Cleaning report was fixed for cases when there is more rooms than can fit in one page.

Version v7.9.3


  • #19624 – New quick option for printing the issued documents. New option allows you to select format of printing instantly and also add rooming list to the document.
  • #24415 – Application of discount coupons can be set for stay packages.
  • #24181 – Room account can be printed in PDF or XLS file.
  • #24437 – New option for saving reservations which are being paid using online payment gateway. In pricelist you set the status after unsuccessful payment and newly you set status in which the reservation will be saved before the succesful payment (or before the clients finishes the payment – because he might just not finish the payment right away)
  • #17551 – Fixture of erasing group reservation from Reservation list. Erasing only deleted first reservation in group.
  • #24083 – Coupon contains name of accommodation instead of supplier informations.
  • #24115 – Fixture of manager reports generated with filter using market codes.
  • #24246 – Fixture of documents export by items. Error occured in column Total with VAT if the document had assigned some advance.
  • #24327 – Fixture of moving the items out of stock in group reservations.
  • #24397 – Adjustment of guest accommodation card layout (logo is displayed better altogether with the text)
  • #24410 – Fulltext search in Reservation calendar also searches in group notes in group reservations.
  • #24421 – Fixture of VAT amount in XLS documents export by items.
  • #24436 – Conversions (Google analytics, etc) moved from Settings / Pricelist to Settings / Online reservation / Booking engine.
  • #24449 – Last step (overview of the created reservation) of IBE is a bit redesigned. For online payments we needed to move PAY now button a bit higher because in mobile version of the site you had to scroll down to find it.
  • #24498 – Bank transfer payment method is allowed only in case when hotel has its bank account filled in. Now we also allow this method when only IBAN is filled in.
  • #24513 – Fixture of document history in user activities if the document has already been erased from the system.

Version v7.9.2


  • #19373 – Speed of User activity loading (also in reservation history) was improved.
  • #24315 – Module Help / Invoices also contains one time licence invoices and their payment status.

Version 7.9.1


  • #24104 – Accommodation guest card format was changed to horizontal.
  • #24330 – IBE parameter showRoomType now works also in Occupancy tab. So I can decide which room types will be displayed in this tab. https://booking.previo.cz/?hotId=XXXX&showTabs=occupancy
      ->XXXX is ID of your profile and YYYY is room type ID
  • #18439 –  Bank transfer payment method is not allowed when hotel does not have its bank account filled in Settings / Hotel / Contact
  • #23914 –  Recalculation option when moving / spliting reservation (right mouse button) from reservation calendar is fixed.
  • #24245 – Date of application of First minute/Last minute/Long term discount which are set for certain date can be edited/deleted (before the selected date of discount could not be deleted, and you have to delete the entire discount and set new one without date)
  • #24286 – Company reservations created in IBE with bank transfer payment method are fixed. Automatically issued proforma invoice was missing RN and Tax RN of the company.
  • #24323 – Fixture of meals offered in IBE. If I have two seasons with different meals offered and I create a reservation which covers both seasons I can order only meals which are common for both seasons.
  • #24337 – New datepicker (calendar) in mobile version of IBE . New calendar shows you restrictions for dates caused by min.stay or arrival/departure restrictions.
  • #24342 – Fixture of  documents export by items – dates of issue and due dates were switched in the XLS export.
  • #24369 – Discounts in IBE pricelist now contain information if the discount for guest category is used only for extra beds.
  • #23899 – Money S3 export adjustments. Account assignment and VAT breakdown assigned to automatic room items (like accommdation, taxes, etc.) will be preserved in case you edit these items in room account (change their price/amount/etc).
  • #24145 – Fixture of exchange rate in advance payment documents for online payments in other than original currency of the hotel.
  • #24300 – Improved check for sending items from restaurant software to room account in case the document is being issued in the reservation at the same time.
  • #24309 – Improved check for sending items from restaurant software to room account in case one of the reservations in group is being edited at the same time.
  • #24401 – Duplication of documents and payments from GoPay online payment gateway has been fixed.

All previous updates can be found in older version of our manual (only czech version..