Data transmission information

Which data do we transfer and what are the transfer limitations?

Transfered information might vary, depending on the particular booking channel. Contact our support team for further information about particular booking partner.

What we send automatically

  • Prices (+ special pricing and revenue management)
  • Discounts, e.g. first and last minute (can be deactivated upon request)
  • Occupancy
  • We download reservations
  • **Guest type “Child” is automatically reflected in downloaded reservation (Guest category is set to first Child category guest type in our system)

What we do not send automatically and can be activated upon request

  • Minimum length of stay (automatic for Booking.com and Expedia)
  • Arrival / departure restrictions (automatic for Booking.com and Expedia)
  • Non-refundable price (must be activated on the site as well)

What we do not transfer (some points can be set up directly on the specific server)

  • Discount for long-term stay
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Meal prices
  • Payment methods
  • General terms and cancellation conditions
  • Your presentation setup (photos, descriptions, room categories)

Automatically sent items can be deactivated upon request. Therefore, it is possible to, for example, manually manage occupancy on the server’s extranet, but send prices from Previo and have new bookings automatically come to Previo as well.

Immediately inform us if you carry out one of the actions listed below:

  • changing rooms and price plans on the extranets (any change/deleting of a linked room, adding a new room, adding/deleting a price plan)
  • changing rooms in Previo (any change in parameters of a linked room – capacity, number of rooms, adding a new room type)
  • changing a password (in the case of Booking and Expedia, the robot has its own passwords; it is not necessary to contact us immediately)

We are not informed about the above-mentioned actions; by changing them, it can create a disruption in the created interconnection. Prices and occupancy may not be transferred correctly, resulting in overbooking.

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