Revenue management

Revenue management

Revenue management only applies for online distribution to foreign OTAs.

RM allows you to create more discount/surcharge conditions based on your occupancy in certain time period.

Type of condition

You can set these conditions:

  • > (more than)
  • < (less than)
  • = (equals)

Example: Condition “> 3” rooms (more than three) -> discount / surcharge will be used for four or more rooms available.

More conditions and order of their use

Conditions have their own logic order. They can be set for example like this:

  1. if we have three or more “Double Standard” rooms available, there is no discount / surcharge
  2. if we have just two “Double standard” rooms left, 5% surcharge will be applied
  3. if we have only one remaining room in “Double standard” category, 10% surcharge will be applied